24 Fruits that Start with R

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Fruits that start with R

Are you searching for fruits that start with R? You’re in the right place, because we’ve found a batch of fruits that start with the letter “R” to share with you.

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1. Raisin


Raisins, like prunes, aren’t technically their own fruit. They’re dried grapes. However, because they’re a common household item, we thought we’d include them, anyway.

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2. Rajka Apple

rajka apple

There’s a lot more to mere apples than meets the eye. In fact, there are tons of different apple cultivars, and the Rajka is one of them.

This is an apple from the Czech Republic. It’s resistant to quite a few diseases and cold climates.

3. Rambai


Rambai grows throughout Bangladesh and Thailand. The fruits are pink with white pulp that has sweet and acidic flavor.

4. Rambutan


Rambutan is both the name of a fruit and the tree on which it grows. It’s round and has long red hair on it that makes it look furry. Once peeled, however, it almost resembles an onion.

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5. Ramontchi


Ramontchi, also known as the Indian plum, actually comes from Africa, although you can find it in parts of Asia. You can ferment it to make a delicious wine.

6. Rangpur Lime

rangpur limes cut open

If you were to look at a Rangpur lime, you probably wouldn’t be able to see why it’s called a lime. With its short, squat shape and bright orange skin, it more closely resembles an orange.

In fact, rangpurs are not true limes. Their acidic flavor does allow you to use them as a substitute for limes, though.

7. Raspberry


Are you searching for the best fruit to make a delicious jam with? With raspberries, which marry sweet and tart together, you couldn’t choose a better fruit.

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8. Raspuri Mango

raspuri mango

If you were to travel to some southern parts of India, you’d probably encounter the raspuri mango. This yellowish-green fruit is incredibly popular in the Indian state of Karnataka.

9. Red Banana

red bananas

Red bananas were well-named. Just like their name implies, they look like the average banana…if it were smaller and russet in color.

You eat them just like you would a normal banana. Don’t be surprised when you peel them and find they have a pinkish flesh, though!

10. Red Bayberry


Red bayberry trees are specifically grown for their fruit. Like some other fruits, they have one large seed inside them that you probably won’t want to eat. In terms of flavor, they taste sweet with just a little bit of tartness to them.

11. Red Bush Apple

red bush apple

Red bush apples grow in Australia, where they have traditionally been eaten from the hand by Aboriginal people. However, they also make an excellent nectar source for bees.

12. Red Delicious Apple

red delicious apple

In the United States, Red Delicious apples are among the most popular. You’ve probably seen these glossy red apples before. They probably get their name from the fact they have a deeply sweet flavor.

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13. Red Huckleberry

red huckleberry

Despite their name, red huckleberries can be either red or orange. You can eat them fresh or use them to make tea and jelly.

14. Red Mombin

The Red Mombin fruit is related to cashews. In spite of their relation, though, they do not produce edible seeds or nuts. People choose to eat the fruit, which tastes similar to a plum.

15. Red Mulberry

red mulberry

Resembling blackberries, you can find Red Mulberries growing throughout the United States. Because of their sweet and delicious taste, you can eat them raw or stuff them into pastries.

16. Redcurrant

red currant

Redcurrant berries look like cherries but grow in clusters similar to grapes. Like blackcurrant, which it’s related to, redcurrant is sweet and tart. You can use it to make jam or top salads with it.

17. Rhobs el Arsa

Rhobs el Arsa is a Moroccan citrus fruit. Its name is Arabic and translates to “bread of the garden.” If you can tolerate its bitterness, you might be pleased to discover it’s also quite sweet.

18. Riberry


Riberry comes from Australia. You can compare its taste to that of a cranberry’s, so you might not like it as much if you have a sweet tooth.

19. Rocha Pear

rocha pear

The delicately speckled green and red Rocha pear comes from Portugal. Some studies show that it’s grown there for almost two hundred years!

20. Rockmelon


Rockmelon is just another name for cantaloupe. You can eat it plain, in a dessert, or slice it up on a salad.

21. Rollinia


Rollinia is a broader variety of plants, including custard apples. The fruits Rollinia plants produce tend to have an acidic flavor and soft texture.

22. Rose Hip


At a glance, you might mistake rose hips for radishes. You’d be mistaken, however, because they’re fruits, despite their veggie-like appearance! You can use them to make desserts like pie or jam.

23. Rosigold Mango

rosigold mango

If you’re searching for a mango tree you can grow easily at home, Rosigold mangoes could be prefect. They don’t take up much space and they produce fruits with a rich, delicious taste.

24. Rough Lemon

rough lemon

Another well-named fruit, rough lemon looks like a bumpy lemon. This fruit is incredibly resistant to cold temperatures.

Fruits that Start with R


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