10+ Fruits that Start with E

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10+ Fruits That Start With E

In this post, we’ve pulled together a bunch of fruits that start with E. In addition to listing the fruits, we’ll provide you some quick information about them so you can learn more about fruits you may not have known exist.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Earlygold Mango

earlygold mango

The beautiful golden earlygold mango was born in the state of Florida. It produces fruit earlier in the year than other mango trees, starting as soon as May.

In terms of flavor, it has a sweet taste.

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2. Egg Fruit

egg fruit

Egg fruit’s other nickname, canistel fruit, earned it a spot on our massive list of fruits that start with C. The link to that post is below, if you’re interested.

Egg fruit has bright gold flesh and a sweet taste.

3. Elderberry


Elderberries have a similar appearance to grapes, except they have shiny black skin. If you don’t cook them, they can be dangerous to eat.

Despite the potential risk, however, they’re packed with healthy vitamins, including C and B6. Learn more about the healthy properties of elderberries in our post about the benefits of berries.

4. Elephant Apple

Elephant apple has a tough skin, making it difficult to open up. Once it’s open, though, you can enjoy the sweet flesh of the fruit. Some use it to make juice.

5. Emblic


Emblic fruit is rife with symbolism and spiritual significance in some types of Buddhism. Some say that the tree was once used to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

You can safely eat it raw or cooked. Some choose to eat it after a meal, too.

6. Emu Apple

The emu apple is known for its heart-shaped leaves and small globular fruits. Their flavor is comparable to that of an apple – hence the name – but with a little spicy edge to it.  

7. Entawak

Are you a fan of the sweet, mellow taste of pumpkins? You might enjoy entawak, then, which tastes quite similar to pumpkin.

You might not get to put it in a pie anytime soon, though, because it comes from Borneo, Malaysia, and Sumatra.

8. Enterprise Apple

The enterprise apple was created specifically to resist many of the diseases that apples are naturally vulnerable to. Furthermore, it has a long six-month shelf life.

9. Etrog


In Jewish traditions, the etrog is a citrus fruit used in ceremony during the Sukkot holiday. Once the holiday is over, you can eat it or make it into a jam.

10. European Pear

European pear

Widely grown in southeast Asian countries and European countries, the European pear might just be one of the most prolific pears available. This is kind of a broader category, though, and includes numerous specific pear cultivars.

Want to learn more about a few types of pears? Take a look at our post on what the juiciest pears are.

11. Evergreen Huckleberry

evergreen huckleberry

The evergreen huckleberry may not be as popular today as it once was. Native Americans along the west coast used to eat these sweet berries.

Fruits that Start with E


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