14 Fruits that Start with E (Complete List)

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10+ Fruits That Start With E

In this post, we’ve pulled together a bunch of fruits that start with E. In addition to listing the fruits, we’ll provide you with some quick information about them so you can learn more about fruits you may not have known existed – some of which can be eaten as a healthy snack!

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Earlygold Mango

earlygold mango

The beautiful golden earlygold mango was born in the state of Florida. It produces fruit earlier in the year than other mango trees, starting as soon as May.

In terms of flavor, the fruit has a sweet taste. That said, it isn’t as overly sweetish as many mango species that grow and ripen later in the season.

This particular species of mango is one of the newcomers to the market, having been created just last century (in the early 1900s).

The earlygold mango fruit has grown rapidly in popularity due to the fact that it blooms, fruits, and ripens much quicker than other mango species.

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2. Egg Fruit

egg fruit

Egg fruit’s other nickname, canistel fruit, earned it a spot on our massive list of fruits that start with C. The link to that post is below if you’re interested.

Egg fruit has bright gold flesh and a sweet taste. The skin is generally tough, to the point that the flesh is typically scooped out with a spoon similar to a hard boiled egg yolk.

On average egg fruits measure 2.5in. to 4.5in, and like the old saying: big things come in small packages. Or, in this case, big flavor!

What’s the Difference Between Egg Fruit and Eggplant?

The differences between egg fruit and eggplant are massive; one is big, and one is little, likewise, one fits in the palm of your hand, and the other takes both hands to hold it.

Egg Fruits are pear-shaped, sweet, and fit in one hand. Eggplants look like giant purple vegetables, are not sweet, and should not be eaten raw.

3. Elderberry – Can’t be Eaten Fresh


Elderberries have a similar appearance to grapes, except they have shiny black skin. If you don’t cook them, they can be dangerous if eaten raw.

Cooked elderberry fruit is great for jam, cookies, ice cream topping, and more.

It is crucial to point out that some species, like American elderberry and Black elderberry, may cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.

Despite the potential risk, however, they’re packed with healthy vitamins, including C and B6. Learn more about the healthy properties of elderberries in our post about the benefits of berries.

Is Elderberry a Fruit or an Herb?

Technically, elderberries are fruit. But, they’ve been dried and used for medicinal purposes for centuries. For this reason, they’re often stored with herbs and even referred to as herbs themselves.

4. Elephant Apple Fruit

elephant apple fruit

Elephant apple has tough skin, making it difficult to open up. Once it’s open, though, you can enjoy the sweet flesh of the fruit. Some use it to make juice.

That said, these fruits aren’t as juicy as the ones you’re used to buying in the produce section of the local grocery store.

That said, the Elephant

That means if you want to make juice or cider, you’ll need more Elephant apples than other types.

If you decide to eat Elephant apples raw, consider sprinkling the sugar on them as you go(as many Elephant apple lovers do)!

Why is it Called an Elephant Apple?

This fruit is a food source used by Elephants in the wild, which is where the name comes from. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that!

5. Emblic


Emblic fruit is rife with symbolism and spiritual significance in some types of Buddhism. Some say that the tree was once used to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Out of all the fruits that start with E, the Emblic is definitely one of the most thought-provoking ones.

Embelic fruit is safe eaten fresh, raw, or cooked. Some choose to eat it after a meal as a quick snack, too.

The amount of health benefits and medicinal purpose of this entire plant is amazing.

Emblic promotes heart health, lowers blood pressure, helps control blood sugar, is high in fiber, low in calories, and is loaded with antioxidants.

Where Do Emblic Trees Come From?

Emblic trees come from eastern India, they are scientifically known as Phyllanthus emblica. Hence, their fruit is often referred to as Indian Gooseberry.

6. Emu Apple Fruit

The emu apple is another of the most interesting fruits that start with E. The emu apple fruit is known for its heart-shaped leaves and small globular fruits.

Emu apple fruit has a flavor that is comparable to that of a common apple – hence the name – but with a little spicy edge to it.  

However, the flesh of the emu apple fruit is not white like an apple, rather it ranges from light to deep purple and dark red. The flesh of the emu apple may also have speckles.

The seeds of the emu apple are another big difference between it and other apples, they are big and stone-like (whereas typical apple seeds are small and crunchable).

Are Emu Apples really Apples?

Emu Apples are the fruits of the Austalian tree, botanically known as the Owenia acidula tree. They taste like apples but do not belong to the same family of fruits. They are the size of a small nectarine.

7. Entawak

Are you a fan of the sweet, mellow taste of pumpkins? If so, you might enjoy number 7 on our list of fruits that start with E: the entawak fruit, which tastes quite similar to pumpkin.

If pumpkins aren’t exactly your cup of tea, though, entawak may still be worth trying, as it isn’t the same as the holiday pie taste you despise.

If you do love pumpkin’s flavor, the entawak fruit is well worth throwing into your favorite spicey pumpkin pie recipe.

You might not get to put it in a pie anytime soon, though, because it comes from Borneo, Malaysia, and Sumatra.

What Does Entawak Mean?

The entawak is a fruit that belongs to the Moraceae family. The scientific name is Artocarpus anisophyllus, though it is also sometimes called Mentawa as well.

8. Enterprise Apple

enterprise apple

The enterprise apple is the next up on our list of fruits that start with E. The enterprise apples were created specifically to resist many of the diseases that apples are naturally vulnerable to.

Furthermore, it has a long six-month shelf life(much longer than most fruit beginning with E).

The enterprise apple is one of the most modern fruits beginning with E as well, as the complex apple hybrid was first thought up and created back in the early 1980s.

The flavor of this apple is both tart and spicey, but mild, in comparison to other apples.

Why Makes the Enterprise Apple Special?

Enterprise apples are a complex hybrid that combines the best of the best, for commercial purposes. The apple tastes great, looks good, is pest resistant, lasts longer than old-fashioned species.

9. Etrog


Just when you thought a fruits that start with E list couldn’t get any more interesting…

In Jewish traditions, the etrog is a citrus fruit used in ceremonies during the Sukkot holiday. Once the holiday is over, you can eat it or make it into a jam.

Appearance-wise, the etrog fruit looks like an oversized and disfigured lemon. Sometimes, etrogs even grow into shapes that look similar to bell peppers.

Out of all fruits beginning with E, the etrog is one of the least known citrus fruits (and probably strangest!).

What Does Etrog Mean?

Kabbalistically, the Etrog represents the human heart. This fruit, and the beliefs, spread around the world from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range.

10. European Pear

European pear

Widely grown in Southeast Asian countries and European countries, number 10 on our list of fruits that start with E is the European pear.

The European pear might just be one of the most prolific pears available. This is kind of a broader category, though, and includes numerous specific pear cultivars.

These fruits have a truly classic pear shape. To eat raw, the European pear has a classic pear flavor with strong undertones of spiciness.

Want to learn more about a few types of pears? Take a look at our post on what the juiciest pears are.

How Old Are European Pears?

Pears have grown in Europe for centuries upon centuries. It is thought that the Romans created over 50 types of pears in Europe. Pears weren’t grown in the United States, however, until the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

11. Evergreen Huckleberry

evergreen huckleberry

The evergreen huckleberry may not be as popular today as it once was, especially in comparison to other fruits that start with E.

But, Native Americans along the west coast used to eat these berries like they were going out of style(which is funny, because they sort of have!).

The berries are tiny, grow on low-lying 2ft. to 3ft. shrubs, and have a deep purple to dark red color.

Evergreen huckleberry berries have many medicinal purposes and health benefits as well, including lowering blood pressure, to fight colds, and promoting a strong immune system in general.

What Are Huckleberries Good for?

Huckleberries are mainly used for medicinal reasons, like boosting the immune system but they are also good for cardiovascular and eye diseases. Additionally, huckleberries are good for jam, smoothies, ice cream toppings, pudding, and more.

12. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

Eastern hawthorn fruit

The Eastern Hawthorn Fruit may have an awkward name compared to other fruits starting with e, but its appearance is even more bizarre.

They are the color of red apples and raspberries, look like large dried berries (because they are berries), and taste like apples.

Despite the fact that it is highly edible, the eastern hawthorn fruit isn’t eaten often. The main reason it isn’t consumed much isn’t the flavor, it’s the fact they are so small and require a bit of effort to eat.

What is Eastern Hawthorn Fruit Good for?

The Eastern Hawthorn Fruit is a strange little fruit, but nonetheless is an E fruit and deserves a place on our list due to its health benefits alone.

The Eastern Hawthorn is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and for promoting a healthy heart. It also helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. That said, it is also useful in fruity recipes, dishes, and jams.

13. Emu Berry Fruit

The emu berry is a fruit that grows in parts of Australia, that said it is relatively unknown worldwide for a fruit starting with the letter E.

The main reason Emu berry fruit isn’t more popular is that it has an unstable fruiting season, some years producing nothing, other years producing enormous yields of berries.

Emu berry is also grown as a decorative plant, due to the fact that the harvest can not be relied upon, and they look really nice!

What Can I Do with Emu Berries?

Emu berries may not be the perfect choice for pies, but they will work in a pinch. They are also great for smoothies, jam, pudding, ice cream topping, and more.

14. Eggplant


Last but not least on our big list of E fruits is this purple giant, the Eggplant. Technically eggplants are fruits, not vegetables!

These veggie lookalikes have the appearance of a squash or zucchini, except they are purple in color rather than green or yellow.

They are best eaten cooked or grilled and may be used in countless vegan recipes and dishes.

Fruits that Start with E