Can You Microwave Saran Wrap? (Your Guide for Safe Reheating…)

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can you microwave saran wrap

Quick Answer: Yes, you can microwave Saran Wrap. Heavy-duty plastic wraps are approved for microwave use by the United States Department of Agriculture. There are just a few safety tips to be aware of, which we’re going to go over in detail.

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What Is Saran Wrap?

Saran Wrapis a patented plastic food wrap invented by Dow Chemical in 1949.Formerly made from polyvinylidene chloride, Saran Wrap is currently made from polyethylene, and the name is now owned by S.C.Johnson & Son.

This plastic wrap is well known for its ability to cling to a container, making it super easy to cover leftovers.

In common usage, the name Saran Wrap tends to be a catch-all term for plastic food wrap, regardless of brand.Some plastic wraps are more clingy than others, but the differences can be pretty negligible.

Generally speaking, Saran Wrap and heavy-duty plastic wraps for food are safe to put in the microwave.

According to the manufacturer, Saran Cling Plus Wrap and Saran Premium Wrap are microwavable.Other heavy plastic food wraps are considered microwave-safe by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, thoughit’s recommended that you don’t allow the plastic to come in direct contact with your food.

You’ll also want to make sure that there’s enough space between the cling wrap and the container so that steam can be released.

There’s one more thing to be aware of—don’t defrost foods with the aid of plastic wrap.Apparently, too high of a temperature in the microwave can actually melt the plastic and transfer chemical toxins.

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