Can An Immersion Blender Crush Ice? (Yes, But Only With This…)

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Can An Immersion Blender Crush Ice

Quick Answer: It’s really hard crushing ice with an immersion blender, but some tools and accessories make it possible. Some hand/stick blenders come with extra jars that you can place the shaft into. Then, you can essentially use your immersion blender like a counter-top blender and make smoothies and crushed ice.

Let’s learn a little bit more…

PS: If you don’t have the accessory that we mention here, you’ll want to get a counter-top blender for this purpose. Check out the best Vitamix alternative or smoothie blenders for your ice-crushing needs.

How To Crush Ice With An Immersion Blender

Grab Your Blender and Beaker Jar

First, grab your blender and your beaker jar. If you don’t have one, check out our best immersion blender guide, where we show you several options that are capable of handling ice.

There’s also a video at the end which features the Braun Multiquick hand blender in action.

Load Up Your Ice Into the Beaker

The next step is to load the ice up into the jar where you’re going to be crushing it. This step is pretty straightforward.

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Attach and Blend

Finally, you’ll need to remove part of the shaft so that you can properly attach the hand blender to the jar. Some immersion blenders go directly into the jar, so you may not always have to do this.

After you’ve got everything attached, there’s only one thing left to do: blend.

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Crush the ice to your heart’s desire and use it for your favorite drinks.

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Confused? Watch the video below to see how it all works…