Best Toaster for Artisan Bread – 7 Great Options

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Looking for the best toaster for artisan bread? We’ve compiled several that will toast your bread to golden, crisp perfection. Check them out below to find the best option for you…

best toaster for artisan bread

Quick Summary

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Amazon Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

  • Sleek and small size
  • Handles uniquely shaped bread
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    Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven, 15.47 Inch, SilverBlack and Decker Toaster Oven

  • Compact size
  • Four functions included
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    Toaster 4 Slice, CUSINAID 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toasters with Reheat Defrost Cancel Function, 7-Shade Setting, BlueCusinaid 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toaster

  • Beautiful and functional
  • 7 different levels
  • View on Amazon
    Toaster 4 Slice, CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel, Defrost, Cancel Function, Extra Wide Slots, 6 Bread Shade Settings, 1650W, BlackCusibox Stainless Steel Toaster

  • Long enough cord
  • 1659 watt high power toasts clean
  • View on Amazon
    Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach With Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven 4-Slice SilverHamilton Beach Roll-Top Door Toaster

  • 2 rack positions for bread adjustment
  • With bake pan
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    Best Aritsan Bread Toaster Reviews

    2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

    Amazon Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade Settings, Black

    This toaster from AmazonBasics isn’t made by a popular or name brand appliance company, but it’s a surprisingly good option for a toaster.  It has extra-wide slots to hold thicker breads and can even handle bagels.

    The bagel setting only toasts on one side so you get the perfect crunchy, golden side and a softer exterior.  It can even defrost frozen breads and then toast them to perfection without having to adjust multiple settings.

    You also won’t ever burn your fingers trying to get smaller or shorter slices of toast out either. This toaster has an extra-lift function with a lever to raise the toast up so you can safely remove it.

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    • Has a limited one-year warranty
    • Sleek and small size fits easily on countertops without taking up too much room
    • Large enough to handle uniquely shaped breads, including Texas toast
    • Good value for money and quite inexpensive


    • Some customers commented that there was a plastic smell when it was used but the manual explains how to remove it

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    Black and Decker Toaster Oven

    Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven, 15.47 Inch, Silver

    This Black and Decker toaster oven will look beautiful and elegant on your countertop. It can also be used to prepare many different types of toast because of its horizontal tray.

    Now you can sprinkle your favorite vegan cheese or other toppings onto the bread and then toast it to perfection.  The broiling function will make sure it gets enough heat and melts to perfection.

    If you’ve always wanted to try a toaster oven instead of a conventional toaster, this is a good one to start with to see how you like it.  It can be used to keep foods warm or reheat leftovers too.

    In addition to toast, it can also hold a small, 9-inch pizza.  Four slices of bread can fit comfortably inside. If you like toasting larger slices of bread, you can easily fit them in too.

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    • Compact size won’t take up unnecessary space in the kitchen
    • Includes four different functions: baking, broiling, toasting, and warming
    • Timer allows you to prepare foods and walk away without them burning
    • Works up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
    • EvenToast Technology distributes heat for perfectly toasted bread


    • The outside of the oven gets hot when it is in use so be careful not to get burned
    • Some found the knobs and buttons to be overly complicated and hard to understand

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    Cusinaid 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toaster

    Toaster 4 Slice, CUSINAID 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toasters with Reheat Defrost Cancel Function, 7-Shade Setting, Blue

    Are you someone who loves retro style and looks for kitchen appliances that reflect this silhouette?  If so, this stainless steel toaster with sky blue accents will be ideal for decorating your home.

    This fun pop of color can be coordinated to match with other appliances like your mixer or food processor.  Your kitchen will look like it was decorated by a professional and you’ll be happy to cook in it every day.

    It features 4 extra wide slots that measure 1.5-inches in width to handle even the thickest cuts of bread.  Although you can toast up to 4 slices at once, you can also just use two at a time because of the dual independent control panel.


    • Is both beautiful and functional, looks great sitting on the counter
    • 1400 watt high power gets hot fast to save you time in the morning
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • Features 7 different levels that are adjustable to find your perfect amount of toasting


    • Some commented that the toaster doesn’t make any sound when the toast is finished. All they heard was the popping sound, so it doesn’t alert you when it finishes toasting.

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    Cusibox Stainless Steel Toaster

    Toaster 4 Slice, CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel, Defrost, Cancel Function, Extra Wide Slots, 6 Bread Shade Settings, 1650W, Black

    For those who want a sleek and minimalistic design to their toaster, this 4 slice stainless steel option from Cusibox fits the bill.  The sides feature black plastic but it is matte so it will blend well with the kitchen and doesn’t need cleaned constantly to look its best.

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    This toaster is also available in red and rose gold for those who want an extra pop of color without going the traditional pastel route.  It has 6 browning settings and each set of slots can be adjusted according to taste so everyone gets their favorite kind of toast.

    The slots are wide enough to toast bagels, English muffins, and any cut of bread you prefer, so you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional slices.  It toasts all types of bread evenly and is very fast, saving you time and making a meal fast when you’re hungry.


    • 1659 watt high power toasts clean
    • The cord is 36.5-inches so you can move the toaster wherever is convenient for you, then store the cord when you’re finished to minimize clutter.
    • Free 1-year warranty included, lifetime support, and 90-day money-back guarantee


    • A few commented that the knobs and handle on the toaster came loose or broke

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    Hamilton Beach Roll-Top Door Toaster

    Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach With Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven 4-Slice Silver

    This high-end 4-slice toaster from Hamilton Beach features a roll-top door that moves out of the way when you open it.  This provides easy access to put food into the toaster and prevent getting burned when you remove it.

    It also stays out of the way so it doesn’t get messy from drips and spills.  The clear window allows you to keep an eye on your toast at all times so you can monitor it to prevent burning.

    The spacious interior fits 4 slices of bread but, if you think you need more room, they also have a 6 slice option available too. Getting a toaster that can handle more slices doesn’t mean it will be able to toast that many pieces of artisan bread.

    But, a larger toaster will allow you to fit in pieces that need a little extra room in order to lie flat.  So you can rest easy knowing that any slice you cut will be able to get toasted.


    • There are 2 rack positions in case you need to adjust the bread

    • Comes with a bake pan to cook different foods

    • Contoured knobs and simple design make it easy to understand and use

    • Cleaning is simple because the roll-top door retracts and will not get messy. The door is also removable so you can wash it in the sink if necessary.


    • Can be noisy when in use

    • Gets very hot on the outside

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    Cuisinart Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster

    Cuisinart CPT-2400P1 Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster, 2 Slice, Silver

    If you’re a loyal Cuisinart customer, it’s because you know they have high-quality products that will last nearly a lifetime.  So you might prefer to get this brand for your toaster too.

    This toaster is designed specifically with artisan breads in mind. The extra large, extra wide slots will fit even the most oblong or rectangular slices of bread without a problem.

    Each slot is self-centering so the bread stays balanced and gets toasted evenly, even if the slice isn’t perfectly symmetrical.  You don’t have to worry about slicing identical pieces of bread because this toaster can handle hand-cut slices.


    • 1500 watts of power

    • Features 6 shade settings

    • Slots are both extra wide and extra long
    • Chrome housing is sleek and clean looking

    • Large, intuitive controls make working this toaster easy

    • Cool touch makes it easy to move the toaster out of the way immediately after it has been used


    • Some found it to be bigger than expected

    • Customers commented that big slices may toast unevenly

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    Dash Clear View Toaster

    Dash Clear View Toaster: Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Stainless Steel Accents + See Through Window - Defrost, Reheat + Auto Shut Off Feature for Bagels, Specialty Breads & other Baked Goods - Black

    Do you like to keep an eye on your bread as it toasts?  Maybe you don’t trust the settings or have had your toast come out burned one too many times.

    If so, this toaster with a see through window will solve all your problems.  You can easily monitor your bread as it toasts and cancel the setting if it starts to get too dark.

    The extra wide slots are perfect for artisan breads and can also be used for waffles and other baked goods that need to be heated or toasted.  The glass window also slides out so you can instantly wipe it clean.

    This toaster measures longer than it is wide, so if your counter setup doesn’t accommodate a typical toaster, this is also a space-saving solution.  Just slide it out of your way when you’re finished and forget it’s there.


    • 1-year manufacturer warranty

    • Includes a recipe book

    • Auto shut-off function prevents it from overheating

    • Window allows for precision monitoring


    • The glass can fog up when it gets hot

    • It is long and narrow so takes up more room length-wise than a traditional toaster

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    Considerations for an Artisan Bread Toaster

    Slot Width

    Because artisan bread is not mass produced, it can come in a wide array of sizes. Some loaves are wider while others are taller. In order to enjoy this bread when it has been toasted, you need a toaster with wide slots.

    Extra wide slots can accommodate even the most unique cuts of bread. You can also look for toasters that do well with bagels because they are usually wider than traditional sliced bread.

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    The power of a toaster will determine how fast it heats up and how quickly it can toast your bread. A high-powered toaster is key to making cooking a breeze, especially in the morning when you are short on time.

    If you tend to wake up hungry, then getting breakfast prepared quickly will ensure your day starts off right. A fast toaster also means you may get to sleep in a little longer because breakfast won’t be as time-consuming.

    Not only will a powerful toaster save you time, but it should also be more energy efficient. You can be eco-friendly and reduce your bills at the same time.


    Toasters are rarely stored away in cupboards and are often a permanent fixture in your kitchen. This means it is essential that you choose a design which you like and will look nice because you will see it every day.

    You can opt for a minimal design or something with a little bit of flair. Different colors also enhance the toaster and act as decoration instead of just providing functionality.

    Shop around before making a final decision and choose a toaster that matches with the other major appliances in the kitchen. Then select one that complements them or contrasts in a flattering way as a statement piece.


    Even if you aren’t an interior decorator, you still know what colors you prefer in your home. Some colors can boost your mood in the morning or provide relaxation in the evening after a long day.

    Although the color of your toaster might not seem like a huge detail, if you purchase a high-quality appliance, you will have it for years. So choose one that you will be satisfied with for a long time.

    Having a toaster in a cheery color will put a smile on your face each day as you prepare your toast or bagel. You’ll be more likely to keep it clean and will enjoy using it as opposed to a plain one.


    If you love toast but want to have more flexibility than what a toaster can provide, you may need to look for extra features. Toaster ovens are a great way to get the best of both worlds and can sometimes replace both a traditional toaster and a microwave.

    Because toaster ovens are small, they heat up faster than your regular oven. They are great for fast cooking because they can do more than just toast.

    Other toasters with thaw or defrost features are great for frozen breads. If you toast other things on a regular basis, chances are there is a toaster for that too.


    Unless you have a huge kitchen, counter space is probably at a premium and you might not have much to spare. No one wants to have cluttered countertops either because that just makes it hard to cook and cleaning becomes a chore.

    Toasters which are space efficient will take up less space and be inconspicuous. It’s not convenient to store the toaster in a cupboard, so you will probably end up leaving it out all the time.

    A good sized toaster will be compact enough to not get in your way when you aren’t using it. Just push it into the corner anytime you don’t need it, and pull it out whenever you need to toast something.


    There is a surprising range of prices for toasters, with basic ones being quite cheap and affordable while higher end models can be several hundred dollars. It’s usually best to find something in the middle because you can get the same range of features without spending too much money.

    A good toaster will last you for years, so don’t be afraid to invest a little more up front. If you plan to use the toaster every day, then you might want to upgrade to one with more features. But if you just need a basic toaster to use every once in a while, don’t break the bank on anything with features you’ll never use.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Cleaning a toaster is often a chore that no one wants. While most toasters do have a crumb tray to make things easier, it isn’t always that simple.

    Crumbs can also get stuck inside the toaster and it’s really messy to have to turn a toaster upside down to empty it. A good toaster should be simple to clean and have a mechanism to make getting crumbs and burnt bits out.

    The exterior should be nonstick and easy to wash down with a wet cloth. Knobs and buttons shouldn’t be too intricate or need scrubbed if they become dirty or sticky.

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    Wrap Up

    If you had to choose just one toaster from this list, the best bet would be the Cuisinart Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster

    It is designed with extra wide and extra long slots that are ideal for all sizes of breads. Made by a trusted brand, this toaster should last you a very long time. If you want a more affordable and basic option, you can’t go wrong with the 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster. It can still handle a lot of large slices and won’t take up too much room on your counter.

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