Best Popcorn Kernels for Popcorn Machine

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Are you trying to find the best popcorn kernels for your popcorn machine? You’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 9 options for you to check out. Some classics and others that are pretty unique!

Best Popcorn Kernels for Popcorn Machine

Check them out below…

Quick Summary

Product Name Grade
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Yellow Popcorn A+
Snappy Popcorn White Popcorn A
Great Northern Popcorn Portion Packs A+
Amish Country Baby White Popcorn A+
Arrowhead Mills Organic White Popcorn A+
Bob’s Red Mill Whole White Popcorn A+
Amish Country Popcorn Variety Pack A+
Tiny But Mighty Heirloop Popcorn Kernels A
Paragon Bulk Bag Yellow Popcorn Kernels A+

Top Popcorn Kernels for Popcorn Machines

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Yellow Popcorn

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb

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This large jug of kernels from Orville Redenbacher will make a delicious batch of popcorn. Popcorn lovers have enjoyed this brand name for decades, so you can feel confident when purchasing their corn kernels.

The 8-pound container is filled with gourmet popping kernels for that perfect bite of popcorn, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. This quantity will last you for a long time, so you don’t have to run out and buy more when movie night comes around.

If you’re worried about spills when pouring kernels out of such a big container, you can always store them in smaller jars to make preparation easier. Try finding a glass container that is airtight and has measurements along the side to mark out exactly how much you need.

The corn is non-GMO and naturally gluten-free, making it a healthy snack that is low in calories but delicious so you can enjoy it guilt-free. You can use this corn in your popping machine or put it on the stovetop in a pot.


  • The container comes sealed with a fresh seal under the lid

  • Popping the corn results in few unpopped kernels for a high popping rate

  • It tastes and smells like popcorn from the movie theater, making it perfect for at-home movie nights

  • A large container lasts a long time resulting in fewer trips to the store


  • On the pricier side, but it is a name brand popcorn

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Snappy Popcorn White Popcorn

Snappy White Popcorn, 4 Pounds

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This popcorn from Snappy Popcorn is available in two colors: white and yellow. You can pick your preference or buy both to have some variety and mix up your snacks.

The white corn is usually slightly smaller with softer eternal hulls, while yellow often results in bigger, fluffier, and crisper kernels. If you’re worried about your popcorn being too hard, the white kernels should be a better option.

The corn has been grown in Iowa and is non-GMO, so you know it’s healthy and hasn’t been shipped from too far. It should be fresh and flavorful when it reaches your door and is ready to be popped.

It comes in a 4-pound container, so it’s large enough for those who frequently make popcorn. It’s not too big, though, if you’re concerned about it getting stale over time if you don’t end up using it quickly.


  • Works on both stovetop and popcorn makers

  • Tastes delicious and pops into fluffy pieces with a bright white color that is tender and easy to chew

  • Most customers commented that it has a delicious taste comparable to more expensive popcorn from name-brand companies.


  • The white kernels are smaller than traditional movie theater popcorn, so you might have to make more to get the desired quantity.

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Great Northern Popcorn Portion Packs

GREAT NORTHERN POPCORN COMPANY - 4 oz Popcorn Packs - Pre-Measured, Movie Theater Style, All-in-One Kernel, Salt, Oil Packets for Popcorn Machines (24 Case)

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This popcorn from Great Northern Popcorn has everything you need in one package. It includes corn kernels, coconut oil, and butter-flavored salt. Although you’ll end up with rich-tasting buttery popcorn, it’s healthy because it contains zero trans-fat and cholesterol.

When it comes time to make popcorn, you won’t have to clutter your kitchen or waste time looking for all the ingredients. Instead, open up the packet and work with your popcorn machine to make the best batch of popcorn.

Each pack is individually wrapped to prevent spoiling, and this set comes with 24 packs so that it will last a long time. Anytime you have a party or other social gathering at home, popcorn can be made easily and will always turn out hot, fresh, and delicious.

Guests will love the snack, and you’ll love the convenience and easy clean-up. The Great Northern Popcorn Company also has a great reputation, and their popcorn is sold in Major League Baseball Stadiums and movie theaters, so you know it must be good.


  • Diacetyl and gluten-free

  • Eliminate waste from spills or improper portioning

  • Anyone can make delicious popcorn easily, and there’s no need to measure

  • It can also be made on the stovetop

  • Extremely convenient to use and make popcorn very fast


  • It contains some artificial flavors

  • Some found the salt mix made it too salty

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Amish Country Baby White Popcorn

Amish Country Popcorn | 6 lb Bag | Baby White Popcorn Kernels | Small and Tender | Old Fashioned with Recipe Guide (Baby White, 6 Lb Bag)

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Are you looking for some popcorn that is a little more traditional? This baby white corn from Amish Country is ideal for you. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time from the label to the minimalistic plastic bag it comes in as you enjoy this delicious snack.

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Included are 6-pounds of gourmet baby white kernels, resulting in a smaller, more tender popcorn that is perfect for children. You also don’t have to worry about chipping your teeth on tough, exterior hulls.

In addition to the popcorn itself, you will also receive a recipe eBook containing 15 popcorn recipes so you can experiment with different flavors. The neutral taste of the white corn is the perfect blank slate to add in spices and experiment with different toppings.


  • Naturally free of gluten and dairy, this is a vegan product

  • It is grown and manufactured in the United States

  • A free recipe book is included

  • Made from non-GMO corn

  • There are no added flavors, oils, or preservatives


  • The bag doesn’t seem to indicate if there is an expiration date

  • Some found the kernels too small and not as flavorful as other kinds of corn

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Arrowhead Mills Organic White Popcorn

Arrowhead Mills 24 Bag of Organic Kernels, White Popcorn, 144 Oz (Pack of 6)

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If you’re someone who loves to buy the best item on the market and getting organic ingredients is important, look no further for delicious popcorn. This organic white popcorn from Arrowhead Mills may look simple, but that’s because they know what’s essential and don’t add any unnecessary fillers.

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You’ll get what you want, 24 ounces of white popcorn USDA-certified organic and made from non-GMO corn. You can rest easy knowing that you and your family are eating a healthy product and come from a company that values quality.

Choose from either white or yellow corn and opt for the 24-ounce bag or slightly larger 28 ounces for those who love popcorn and eat it often. Each order contains six bags, so you’ll have a good supply on hand to last throughout the year.

This popcorn is a great source of fiber, is gluten-free, and is certified to 10-ppm. That means less than ten parts per million (ppm) per FDA regulations.


  • It can be frozen to prolong the life and prevent early expiration

  • Arrowhead Mills is known for their organic and high-quality products

  • Make a very light and fresh popcorn

  • Results in a few husk shards so it won’t poke your gums or be difficult to chew


  • Slightly more expensive, but many customers felt that getting an organic product was worth the extra cost.

Bob’s Red Mill Whole White Popcorn

Bob's Red Mill Whole White Popcorn, 27 Oz (4 Pack)

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If you prefer to purchase your popcorn from a brand known for health and wellness, you can’t go wrong with these kernels from Bob’s Red Mill. The company was founded in 1978 and is known for its natural foods, often stone ground.

They believe in whole grains as the basis for a healthy diet. They also have a dedicated facility for gluten-free manufacturing, so you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination.

They select their kernels from the best corn crops so that once they’re cooked, they burst into perfect, fluffy popcorn that is addictively and perfect for snacking.

You’ll also receive the recipe to make Chia Chile Lime Popcorn for a high protein snack with a zing of citrus that is healthy, full of fiber, and low in calories.


  • It comes out crunchy and delicious with perfect texture

  • It is comparable to Orville Redenbacher popcorn

  • Pops well in an air popper and is light and fluffy

  • Very few unpopped kernels


  • It is not organic

  • Some people found it to be a little tougher than they preferred

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Amish Country Popcorn Variety Pack

Amish Country Popcorn | 4 Ounce Variety Kernel Gift Set (10 Pack Assorted) | Old Fashioned with Recipe Guide (4oz Each, 10ct Total)

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Are you a person who loves variety and gets bored easily eating the same thing repeatedly? If so, there’s no need to commit to just one kind of popcorn. This ten pack of assorted popcorn from Amish Country will keep your taste buds happy for a long time.

If you’ve never tried other kinds of popcorn, you’ll be excited to know this set contains baby white, red, extra-large caramel, purple, and mushroom popping corn. You may never have even heard of some of these types of corn, so you’re sure to be in for a treat as you try something new.

Each bag is clearly labeled, so you know which one you’re popping and won’t be in for a surprise when it’s time to taste the finished product. 

For those who don’t like a bunch of hulls, this popcorn is deemed hulless. That doesn’t mean there are zero hulls, but instead, the kernels are smaller, so you get more tender pieces without a lot of bits to get stuck in your teeth.


  • It comes with an eBook containing 15 recipes

  • No additives or allergens

  • Perfect for people with food allergies

  • It makes a great gift for anyone and can even be split up into multiple gifts.

  • Very few hulls after popped


  • A few customers noted that the product arrived damaged

Tiny But Mighty Heirloop Popcorn Kernels

Tiny But Mighty Heirloom Popcorn, Healthy and Delicious, Unpopped Kernels, 1.25lb Bag

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Prepare yourself for a unique popcorn experience with this heirloom corn from Tiny But Mighty. This addictive popcorn originated in the 1850s and has been going strong ever since.

It is harvested from corn that is never genetically modified or hybridized, so the original product remains pure, which is reflected in the flavor. Although these seeds were nearly lost, one man kept the dream alive and rescued them.

He then hired a soil consultant and farmer to help them grow into the popcorn you will enjoy today. Not only is the history behind this popcorn one of a kind, but the taste is also unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It is incredibly delicious and has tiny kernels that won’t get caught in your teeth, so you can snack happily.


  • This company is known for quality corn, and they select only the best kernels and follow rigorous quality controls to ensure you get the best popcorn.

  • The corn it is harvested from is grown without pesticides

  • Small kernels mean you get more bran and germ for a healthier popcorn


  • Some found that not all the kernels popped, and it burned easily

  • A few customers did not enjoy the taste and said the popcorn was too small

Paragon Bulk Bag Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Paragon Bulk Bag Yellow PopCorn (12.5-Pounds)

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Paragon’s premium yellow popping corn comes in a large 12.5-pound bag that you can open and store in an airtight container or zipper bag in the pantry. It features butterfly popcorn which will pop into big, fluffy, and expansive pieces of corn.

When you grab a handful of corn, you will have fewer pieces because the popcorn will be so large. This makes it easy to fill up on a delicious snack without eating too much. Instead, you’ll have a crisp and delicious popcorn that can be salted or flavored however you prefer.

The taste is light and crunchy and will cook well when you make smaller batches and wait for it to pop fully. It makes a great snack between meals or to take with you on the go to keep you energized throughout the day.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of hulls once it has been popped

  • Very affordable for a large volume of corn kernels

  • Many who tried this corn thought it was very high-quality with great flavor


  • Some said it popped up to be small

  • A few said there were hard hulls that were difficult to chew

  • Several customers reported that their corn turned out chewy instead of crunchy

What to Consider in Popcorn Kernels


Buying popcorn in bulk is often much cheaper than just getting individual packages of microwave popcorn. The kernels will last longer, and you’ll have a good amount on hand. This means fewer trips to the grocery and no need to wait whenever hunger strikes. Popcorn will also stay fresh if stored properly, so it’s best to save money for buying a larger amount. Plus, if you love to have popcorn often, you won’t have to worry about running out or having to use less to make your supply last longer.


pop corn machine

Using a popcorn machine is very convenient because you pour the kernels in and let the machine do its job. Some popcorn also comes with oil and salt to make things even easier to have a snack ready in minutes. If you don’t have a lot of free time to prepare food, then look for the more convenient packages that include everything you need. Single serving size containers are also good for fast preparation and easy clean-up.


Because you’ll probably be storing your kernels for a while, you need it to come in a package that will hold up in the pantry or cupboard. It should also be easy to open and close without spilling kernels everywhere. Plastic jugs are great because they have a twist-off lid that is easy to access. They are also durable and won’t break easily. Bags should have a way to tie them shut and keep out the air securely so popcorn stays fresh.

kernels in a glass jar


Popcorn can be a healthy snack if you know what to look for and buy high-quality kernels. Opt for non-GMO corn harvested from quality crops and processed without damaging the kernels. If you have allergies, opt for popcorn that is processed and packaged in a gluten-free facility to avoid getting contamination. For those who prefer an even healthier popcorn, opt for organic kernels grown from USDA-certified seeds.


Did you know that there are multiple colors of popcorn? The color can also affect the size and taste of the popcorn once it has been popped. White popcorn is often smaller and softer, making it ideal for children and those who can’t chew very well. Yellow popcorn is usually bigger and fluffier but may have harder hulls resulting in a chewier end result. Other varieties come in different colors, so you can experiment and try them all out to find your favorite.

yellow corn kernels

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Wrap Up

For true popcorn lovers, you can’t go wrong with the classic movie popcorn from Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Yellow Popcorn which features fluffy yellow kernels.

If you are more health-conscious or have allergies, it’s better to opt for the Amish Country Popcorn Variety Pack.