Is Espresso Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is espresso bitter?

Question of the Day: Is espresso bitter?

Quick Answer: Espresso may or may not be bitter. The taste ultimately depends on the type of coffee, the method of roasting and extracting, and much more. That said, espresso is really just super-concentrated coffee, so it is much more likely to have a bitterish taste than normal coffee.

Does Espresso or Coffe Taste More Bitter?

Espresso is more often considered bitter than coffee. That’s because espresso is super strong coffee made from specially roasted coffee beans. Generally speaking, coffee is only more bitter than espresso when it is made “extra, extra” strong, and even then may not be. Professional coffee shops like these in NYC will make sure it tastes on point.

Is Espresso More Sweet or More Bitter?

Espresso that is high quality should be equally bitter and sweet. That said, it is not always so. The truth is that it all depends on who made the espresso, or what brand it is. Everything from the quality of coffee bean, to the roasting of the bean and extraction process impact how bitter the espresso is.

How do Make Espresso Taste Less Bitter?

There are several ways to make espresso less bitter, however, if you aren’t making it at home, you have little option other than to ask for a bit of extra sugar in the espresso that you order. At home, you can be picky about the brand, how it is prepared, and you may add a bit of sugar (half a teaspoon, or so).