Where to Buy Snap Peas and Find them in the Grocery Store

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Where to Buy Snap Peas

Are you struggling to find snap peas for your next dinner? Don’t worry – we’re here to help you find those delicious green pea pods so you can enjoy them soon.

We’ve created this guide to help you find where to buy snap peas. We’ll give you a list of big grocery store chains to check, as well as tell you which aisles to go to.

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Where to Buy Snap Peas

1. Aldi

There are so many interesting and affordable foods at Aldi. You’ll have no problem finding snap peas among their fresh produce.

2. Trader Joe’s

Are you a Trader Joe’s fanatic? It will probably be good news to you, then, that you can find snap peas in microwavable steam pouches there.

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3. Whole Foods

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that a place called Whole Foods Market has fresh veggies. You’ll find sugar snap peas available by the pound there.

4. Safeway

Taking a trip to your nearby Safeway could reward you with snap peas, too. Like Whole Foods, they sell sugar snap peas by the pound.

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5. Publix

There are good odds Publix has snap peas available, too, if that’s what you have nearby. They often carry Birds Eye Steam Fresh Sugar Snap Peas in plastic bags.

6. Cub Foods

If there’s a Cub Foods close by, you can stop in there, as well. They’ll likely have Mann’s Family Favorites snap peas in plastic bags.  

7. Target

You’ll find a wide variety of things at your local Target, so it’s a great stopping point on your search for snap peas. You might find they have Good & Gather snap peas in plastic bags.

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8. Walmart

No matter what it is you’re looking for, you can probably find it at Walmart. Unsurprisingly, this includes snap peas, of which they have several varieties. You may find Marketside snap peas in bags or Birds Eye Steamfresh mixtures that include snap peas and broccoli.

9. Food Lion

Is your nearest grocery store a Food Lion? You’re in luck, then, because they have a few types of snap peas you can buy. Some of those types include Birds Eye Steamfresh mixes with snap peas or plastic bags of snap peas.

10. Meijer

Your local Meijer most likely has snap peas available. You’ll find you can buy them by the pound, get Mann’s Family Favorites in bags, or get Birds Eye Steamfresh snap peas you can microwave.

11. Stop & Shop

Don’t hesitate to stop by your Stop & Shop, too. They might just have their own store brand of sugar snap peas in 12-ounce plastic boxes.

What Grocery Store Aisle Snap Peas are in

Are you at the store now and wondering where to go to find your snap peas? No worries – we’ll answer that for you so you can finish your shopping.

There are a few places to check for snap peas. If you’re on the lookout for fresh snap peas, head on over to the fresh produce section and search through the veggies. You might find them in plastic boxes or in a pile that you can weigh out portions from.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for frozen snap peas, you’ll need to take a trip over to the frozen foods section. Your store could sell them in microwavable bags or frozen stir fry mixes.

Wrap Up

Snap peas are easy to locate. You can find them in most large grocery store chains, so no matter what you have in your city, you’re likely within easy reach of snap peas. Once you get some, consider making this delicious roasted snap pea recipe to enjoy them as a filling side dish.