Why Is Arugula So Expensive?

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why is arugula so expensive?

There’s something many shoppers notice whenever they roll through the produce section in their stores: so much of it is expensive. When you consider how delicate produce tends to be, the steep price tags seem quite unfair.

If you’ve strolled past a bunch of arugula and wondered why it’s so expensive, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. In this brief discussion, we’ll be talking about the price of arugula and how it holds up when compared to other greens.

Quick Answer: Why Is Arugula So Expensive?

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes expensive or cheap. When compared with other greens such as spinach, arugula is usually priced similarly.

This can vary depending on the season and where you buy it from.

How Much Does Arugula Cost on Average?

The price of arugula depends on how much you’re buying, how you’re buying it, and where you buy it from. If you were to get a plastic container filled with several ounces arugula, the price will generally be between $2 and $5.

Alternatively, if you were to purchase a whole pound of arugula, the price could range anywhere from $9 to $12.

We’ll pause momentarily to compare it with the cost of other similar greens. Consider spinach, for instance.

A small plastic container with several ounces of spinach will run around $2 to $5, as well. You’ll see a bit of a difference when you’re looking to buy a whole pound of it, which will cost you anywhere from $7 to $10.

Romaine lettuce is another popular leafy green. A single head of romaine lettuce might cost you around $2, while a plastic container of it might be around $5.

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What Contributes to the Cost of Arugula?

"For any produce, there are three qualities that contribute to the cost you see in the store: time of year, store, and quantity."

For any produce, there are three qualities that contribute to the cost you see in the store: time of year, store, and quantity.

If you know much about gardening, you know that there are different growing seasons. Most crops have a “sweet spot” during the year where they grow the best.

Outside of their ideal growing season, you’ll see the prices of the crop in question creeping up. That’s because it’s harder to continue growing the plant outside of its growing season. More effort means more money, typically.

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Price also depends on where you’re buying the produce from. Generally speaking, you’ll see the cost of produce is lower in large national chains than in small farmers’ markets.

Finally, the amount of produce you’re buying has an impact on the price. It will be more affordable to buy small amounts than buying multiple pounds of vegetables. This is the case for virtually anything you’d buy in a store, though.

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Wrap Up

No matter how you feel about the price of arugula, at the end of the day, it’s influenced by external factors you have little control over. The cost of this popular plant will rise and fall natural with the seasons, location, and quantity you’re buying.

One way to save money, if you’re concerned about being too dependent on market prices, is to grow your own arugula. It happens to be an incredibly easy crop, so you can easily get the freshest possible leaves by growing them yourself.

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