Where is Wasabi Grown in Japan?

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Where is Wasabi Grown in Japan?

It’s not common to find wasabi in the United States. Instead, the plant is typically cultivated in beautiful Japanese farms, where the farmers have sharpened their cultivation techniques for generations.

But if you were to visit Japan, where would you find a wasabi farm? In this little guide, we’ll show you where wasabi is grown in Japan and tell you what a wasabi farm is like.

We’ll also tackle the question of whether or not it’s possible to cut down on the cost and grow your own real wasabi plants.

Quick Answer: Where is Wasabi Grown in Japan?

There are a few different regions where wasabi is grown in Japan. Those regions include the Izu Peninsula, the Nagano Prefecture, the Iwate Prefecture, and the Simane Prefecture.

Those are the regions where traditional farms are located. There are facilities using artificial cultivation techniques farther south and north than the regions listed above, too.

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What a Japanese Wasabi Farm is Like

In Japan, the Daio Wasabi Farm is actually a huge tourist attraction. It’s beautiful and has pristine rivers running through rows of growing wasabi.

Traditional farms are often located on forested mountainsides. They provide the shade and pure waters that this finicky and delicate plant needs to grow healthily.

The water running through all the wasabi plants is kept nice and cool. When it’s sunny out, shade cloths are put over the rows of plants to protect them from harsh sunlight.

The Daio Wasabi Farm even lets you sample some of its produce. It includes a restaurant where you can try unique foods, like wasabi juice and alcohol. Much of the food there isn’t vegan, but there are still lots of sights to see.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of this beautiful wasabi farm, click on the thumbnail below.

Can You Grow Your Own Wasabi?

While Japan is the home of wasabi, the demand for it is so high, that Japanese farms cannot meet the demands of its own population. This means that Japan imports wasabi from other countries.

You can infer, then, that it is possible to grow wasabi on your own. However, it will be difficult, and you will have to meet very specific requirements.

Your goal should be to mimic the conditions found on Japanese wasabi farms as much as possible. The wasabi seeds needs to be shaded and kept in temperatures ranging from 45-70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

Wasabi plants, as you can see from the rivers they grow by, like moisture. You should keep them moist, but don’t completely drown them in water. You can read this comprehensive guide on growing wasabi for more information.

Wrap Up

There are a handful of regions in Japan where wasabi is grown. Even so, Japan’s demand for wasabi is so extensive, it must oftentimes import wasabi from other countries.

The good news is, that means you can create the conditions to grow your own wasabi. With a little patience (wasabi can take a couple years to mature!) and effort, you can enjoy this piquant plant freshly grown at home.