6 Best Black Rice Brands to Buy

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Best Black Rice Brands to Buy

What are the best brands of black rice? Until recently, black rice was almost completely unknown in the United States, and it is still far from being common. However, it is quickly gaining a following due to its sweet, nutty flavor and high nutrition levels. The question is what brand of black rice you should look for to ensure you are getting the best of what this wonderful grain offers. 

Here are our picks of the best black rice brands currently on the market.

Product Name Grade
Lundberg Family Farms A+
Rebirth Rice A+
Lotus Foods A+
Nature’s Earthly Choice A+
Big Green’s Blacksoil A+

Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms - Organic Black Pearl Rice, Floral & Aromatic Whole Grain Black Rice, High in Antioxidants, Pantry Staple, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, USDA Certified Organic, Vegan (16 oz)

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Lundberg Family Farms is a California-based grower producing top-quality rice in an environmentally friendly manner for over 80 years. They offer several organic black rice and rice blends containing forbidden rice. They even have heat and serve options for those unfamiliar with how to cook emperor’s rice.

Rebirth Rice

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Rebirth Rice can be difficult to find at times but is well worth the effort. Their black rice is raised by a cluster of seven small stakeholders in the Phrao province of Thailand. It is a long-grain heirloom variety that has been grown in the region for centuries and is cherished for its fragrant, nutty flavor. 

Lotus Foods

Lotus Foods Forbidden Rice, 15 oz

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Lotus Foods was one of the earliest companies to introduce black rice to the U.S. market. They import some of the highest quality, organically grown heirloom black rice from China. Labeled as Forbidden Rice, it is top quality. Lotus Foods is a fully certified B Corp and is strongly committed to promoting sustainable farming methods, biodiversity, and fair trade.

Nature’s Earthly Choice

Nature's Earthly Choice All Natural Rice, Black, 14 Ounce

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Nature’s Earthly Choice was originally founded in 2005 as a snack food company dedicated to bringing healthy snacks to America. Since then, the Eagle, Idaho-based company has greatly expanded its offerings and built a sterling reputation for quality and freshness. They are All Natural Black Rice is some of the most consistent on the market.

Big Green’s Blacksoil

Big Green BlackSoil Organic Black Rice Non-GMO/Kosher/Gluten-Free

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Big Green (USA) Inc. was founded in 1998 to bring all-natural foods to Asian markets in the United States. In 2010 they expanded their mission statement to include organic as a qualifier and expanded into other communities. Sold under the Blacksoil Label, their black rice is as pure and unadulterated as can be found. Big green also offers a wide variety of products like pasta and flour created from black rice that is equally healthy. 

Thrive Market Organic Black Rice 

For those unfamiliar with Thrive Market, it is an online subscription-based retailer specializing in all-natural organic products produced in an earth-friendly manner. Their store brand black rice is a single Italian grown medium-grain variety certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.