What Is The Difference Between Red And Green Bell Peppers? (EXPLAINED)

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What Is The Difference Between Red And Green Bell Peppers_

Question of the Day: What is the difference between red and green bell peppers?

Quick Answer: Green and red bell peppers are the same fruit, but they differ in taste and nutritional value.

Obviously, red and green bell peppers are not the same color, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Green bell peppers are the juvenile fruit of the capsicum annuum plant, and red bell peppers are the same fruit fully matured.

Two things beyond changing colors occur when bell peppers ripen. The first is that their taste becomes sweeter, and they lose their bitter edge. This is much like the difference between green apples and ripe apples.

The second and possibly more significant change is that they pack a more potent nutritional punch. Staying on the vine longer, red bell peppers have more time to store vitamins and minerals and develop the naturally occurring compounds that make them so healthy.

While green and red bell peppers contain similar nutrient profiles, the concentrations will be much higher in red bell peppers.