How Much Do Red Bell Peppers Cost? (EXPLAINED)

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How Much Do Red Bell Peppers Cost

Question of the Day: How much do red bell peppers cost?

Quick Answer:  Depending on location, season, the specific variety, and color of the pepper, the price of bell peppers can range from 2-5 dollars a pound. The average bell pepper will weigh approximately half a pound, so you can expect to pay $1 to $2.50 per pepper. Red bell peppers are the most expensive of them all.

When local farmers are harvesting, you can naturally expect to pay less, and when bell peppers are out of season in your area, imported peppers will naturally cost you more. Also, understand that yellow, red, and orange bell peppers are more expensive than green.

Bell peppers are one of the lowest-yielding pepper crops, and they mature slower than other peppers. Their color change occurs because they are left on the bush to ripen, and red bell peppers are fully matured. This creates a more significant investment for the farmer that you eventually pay for at the checkout.