Can I Use Basil Paste Instead Of Fresh Basil? (ANSWERED)

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Can I Use Basil Paste Instead Of Fresh Basil

You may have seen basil paste in your local market and wondered, what is basil paste, and can I use it in place of fresh basil. In this article, we will answer those two questions along with:

  • What do you use basil paste for?
  • How long does basil paste last?

Let’s get started.

So, can I use basil paste instead of fresh basil? 

basil paste oil

You can use basil paste in place of fresh basil in a large number of dishes. The taste of basil paste can be more intense than fresh basil, so you might need to adjust your measurements slightly. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with 1/3 of the paste as your recipe asks for fresh basil. For example, if your dish requires 1 cup minced basil, start with 1/3 cup basil paste and add a little until you find the desired intensity.

The only other cautionary note is not to use paste where the oil will cause issues. Basil paste is a wonderful alternative to fresh basil in sauces, soups, pizza, or pasta. It might not work so well in basil cocktails or some deserts.

What is basil paste?

What is basil paste?

Basil paste is the resulting sauce when you puree fresh basil in combination with oil (olive preferred), garlic, salt, and pepper. An excellent way to preserve basil for future use, basil paste can be heat canned in jars or frozen for months.

What do you use basil paste for?

You can use basil paste in any number of ways. It is suitable in almost any recipe that calls for dried or fresh basil. It is beautiful:

  • Added to soups and sauces. 
  • As a sandwich spread.
  • Sprinkled on pizza.
  • As a salad dressing.
  • Used as a base for a quick pesto.
  • Served as a dip.
  • More

Your imagination is the only limit.

How long does basil paste last?

basil paste shelf life

Basil paste stored in airtight containers, and refrigerated can last for two weeks or longer. If you freeze your basil paste, it will last for up to nine months.