Are Banana Peppers Pickled? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Banana Peppers Pickled?

Question of the Day: Are banana peppers pickled?

Quick Answer: Of course, fresh banana peppers aren’t pickled, but pickled banana peppers can be purchased in the grocery store or easily created in your own kitchen.

Most brands clearly label their pickled banana peppers as such, but if you have any doubt, look at the ingredient list, and vinegar should be one of the top two listed. If salt or brine is top of the list, the banana peppers are likely fermented instead of pickled.

Reading the ingredient list is also an excellent opportunity to see what exactly you are buying. Many pickled peppers sold in markets have large amounts of sodium, sugars, and chemical additives.

To make pickled peppers at home is a straightforward process that anyone can quickly master. After all, pickled peppers are basically just peppers canned in vinegar. You can find numerous recipes online that range from mild to wild, and you will surely be able to find one that fits your taste.