Where are Kiwis Grown?

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Where are Kiwis Grown

There’s no denying the juicy appeal of a fresh kiwi. Although they may look unattractive on the outside, these nondescript fruits have a glittering, gemstone-like green interior once you cut them open.

Chances are, though, that the kiwis you enjoy every so often aren’t actually from where you’re eating them. So, where are kiwis grown?

That’s an excellent question! We’ll answer that question and address some other questions about kiwis in this brief article.

Where are Kiwis Grown?

Top 5 Countries for Kiwi Production

Kiwis Produced Annually (Tons)





New Zealand






Kiwi Production Source

Kiwis love to grow in climates with moderate temperatures and warm summers. This means they can grow in numerous countries around the world.

The top producers of kiwis, however, are China, Italy, and New Zealand. China far outstrips its nearest competitors in kiwi production, producing as much as around two million tons per year. The next closest kiwi producer, Italy, grows approximately 560,000 tons of kiwi annually.

Out of the top ten kiwi-producing countries, the US is near the bottom at number nine. However, there are still indeed kiwis that grow in the United States. Specifically, you can find kiwis growing in California.

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Kiwi FAQs

Where do the best kiwis come from?

one of the kiwi’s other names is Chinese gooseberry, reflecting its Chinese roots.

While it’s mostly a matter of opinion whether you think one kiwi tastes superior to another, we can answer the question of where kiwis naturally come from. A kiwi may taste better if you get it from the place it originally grew, since it had the environment to foster the first kiwi growth.

If we asked you to guess where kiwis came from, you’d probably say New Zealand. However, this is surprisingly incorrect – kiwis are actually native to China! In fact, one of the kiwi’s other names is Chinese gooseberry, reflecting its Chinese roots.

Can you grow kiwi in the UK?

Are you a UK-based gardener hoping to grow some fresh kiwi of your own? The good news is that you can grow kiwi in the UK, but you’ll need to provide it with specific growing conditions.

As we mentioned previously, kiwi needs a lot of sun and warmth. You’ll also want to ensure you have plenty of space for your kiwi plant, since they can reach ten meters in height.

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Do kiwis grow on trees?

It’s easy to imagine fuzzy kiwis growing in clusters on trees, just like it’s easier to picture pineapples growing on trees. Just like pineapples, though, kiwis do not actually grow on trees.

In fact, kiwis grow on vines. Because of this, growing kiwis on a commercial scale requires supporting structures, much like growing tomatoes or cucumbers.

Can you eat the skin of a kiwi?

For the most part, kiwi skin looks unappetizing. Many types of kiwi have a fuzzy skin, which doesn’t seem like it would be much good to eat.

If you should feel so inclined, though, the skin of a kiwi is perfectly safe to eat. Just make sure you wash it prior to eating, just like you would with any other fruit.

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Wrap Up

The next time you eat a kiwi, take a moment to appreciate how far that kiwi likely had to travel to get to you. These popular fruits require specific growing conditions and warm temperatures in order to grow on anything approaching a commercial scale. Because of this, you won’t find them growing just anywhere.

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