Do Red Grapes Contain Vitamin C? (EXPLAINED)

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Are you wondering about Red Grapes and their Vitamin C Content? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

Let’s start with the first question – Do Red Grapes Contain Vitamin C?

Quick Answer: Red grapes contain Vitamin C, but not very much per calorie. This makes them a poor choice if you’re trying to up your Vitamin C consumption.

Vitamin C Content of Red Grapes

  • For every 100 calories of red grapes, you get 1.5 mg of Vitamin C.
  • This equates to 0.015 mg of Vitamin C per calorie.
  • 10 red grapes contain 1.6 mg of Vitamin C

Are Red Grapes a Good Source of Vitamin C?

To figure out if Red grapes are a good source of Vitamin C, let’s see how they compare to some other foods. Remember, they contain 1.5 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories or 0.015 mg per 1 calorie

  • Elderberries contain 49.2 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories or 0.492 mg per calorie. (don’t eat these raw)
  • Strawberries contain 183.7 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories or 1.837 mg per calorie.
  • Gooseberries contain 63 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories or 0.630 mg per calorie.

In Conclusion: Other fruits and vegetables are way higher in Vitamin C than red grapes. Consider eating those if you want to get more Vitamin C in your daily diet. Kale, bell peppers and oranges are all good choices.