Do Eggs Contain Vitamin C? (Explained)

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Eggs are commonly touted as a “superfood”. As a result, many people wonder if they contain Vitamin C. In this article, we’ll explore how eggs stack up in comparison to other foods.

Do Eggs Contain Vitamin C?

Quick Answer: No! Eggs do not contain any amount of Vitamin C. You cannot expect to hit your daily Vitamin C requirements via the consumption of eggs.

Let’s go a bit deeper and see how eggs stack up vs other foods.

How Much Vitamin C Do Eggs Have?

  • Eggs have 0.0 mg per 77.5 kcal, which is estimated to be for one large egg.
  • Even with five eggs containing 387.5 kcal, the amount of Vitamin C is still 0.0mg. 

Are Eggs a Good Source of Vitamin C?

Considering that eggs don’t contain any Vitamin C, they aren’t a good source of this nutrient at all. In order to hit your daily Vitamin C requirements, try to consume high Vitamin C foods such as:

  • Mangoes
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Oranges