Do Chips Contain Vitamin C? (Explained)

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do chips contain vitamin c

While chips are considered to be a favorite snack among kids, it is considered “junk food” because of its lack of nutrition, high sodium content, and high-calorie count. But many people often wonder about the Vitamin C content in chips.

So let’s get to the question – Do Chips Contain Vitamin C? 

Quick Answer: In fact, most chips have Vitamin C. However, the amount of Vitamin C that chips have is extremely low when you compare it to the number of calories that it has.

Let’s look at the Vitamin C content of different types of chips and see how much Vitamin C they have per calorie…

Vitamin C in Chips by Quantity

  • A 100g of potato chips has an absurd 531.3 kcal while only having 20 mg of Vitamin C. This would translate to 0.037 mg of Vitamin C per 1 kcal, which is very low.
  • Corn chips have 548 kcal, which is almost the same as potato chips, but have no Vitamin C whatsoever.
  • Banana chips are often considered healthy treats in tropical countries. They contain only 6.3 mg of Vitamin C per 520 kcal. Again, an extremely low amount for the number of calories they have.

Are Chips a Good Source of Vitamin C?

Overall, chips have low amounts of Vitamin C. When you compare to oranges which have 1.13 mg of Vitamin C per calorie (113mg per 100 calories), it’s obvious that you’re best off just sticking with the oranges!

Chips might be a fun and tasty snack, but they aren’t health-promoting nor are they a good source of Vitamin C. In order to meet your daily Vitamin C needs, stick with fruits and vegetables such as whole oranges (not orange juice) if you’re interested in the healthiest options.