Do Chilies Contain Vitamin C? (EXPLAINED)

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Chili peppers are usually not eaten on their own. They are added as ingredients or roasted to reduce the bitterness and bring out their earthy flavor.

But the question of the day is – do chilies contain Vitamin C? Let’s find out…

Quick Answer: Yes. In fact, chilies contain more Vitamin C than most citrus fruits. It turns out that when compared to limes, chili peppers are one of the best sources of Vitamin C in the world. 

To measure how much Vitamin C is actually contained within chilies, we analyzed them by quantity as well as different ways you might consume them. We computed how much Vitamin C is present per kcal and compared that to limes (a commonly known good source of Vitamin C) to know if they are excellent sources of Vitamin C.

How Much Vitamin C Do Chilies Have by Quantity?

  • A 100 g of chili peppers contain about 40 kcal and 143.7 mg of Vitamin C.
  • A single piece of red chili pepper contains an estimated 18 kcal and 64.7 mg of Vitamin C. This means that you get an amazing 3.57 mg of Vitamin C per kcal of chilies.
  • Chili powder, however, does not have any Vitamin C.
  • Canned chilies have even less at about 1.63 mg of Vitamin C per 1 kcal.  

Are Chilies a Good Source of Vitamin C? 

Limes are actually excellent sources of Vitamin C. Since they belong to the citrus family, a single piece of lime would contain so much Vitamin C. In fact, as computed, per 1 kcal of lime, you acquire just about 0.95 mg of Vitamin C and that is already excellent. However, if you look at the Vitamin C content of chilies, you see that it exceeds that of the limes or citruses in general.