Do Baked Beans Contain Vitamin C? (EXPLAINED)

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do baked beans contain vitamin c

Wondering about baked beans and their Vitamin C content? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll answer everything you need to know on the topic.

But first, let’s start with the question – Do Baked Beans Contain Vitamin C? 

Quick Answer: Baked beans contain very little if any Vitamin C. The vitamin C content of baked beans is going to highly depend on the sauce that is used to bake them and other added ingredients to the beans.

To exactly determine how much Vitamin C we are getting from getting baked beans, we explored different baked beans recipes and measured how much Vitamin C is present per calorie.

We’ll also compare baked beans to other common foods to find out how their Vitamin C content stacks up.

How Much Vitamin C Do Baked Beans Have by Quantity?

Here’s what we’re told about different baked beans from common nutrition calculators. Because we don’t have the exact recipes, it’s hard to know how it might compare to how you make baked beans at home.

  • Home-prepared baked beans actually only contain 1.1 mg of Vitamin C per 155 kcal or 100 g serving.  This boils down to 0.007 mg of Vitamin C per 1 kcal.
  • The beans themselves might not contain the Vitamin C but rather the sauce or additives.
  • Porked baked beans with tomato sauce contain only 3 mg of Vitamin C in total, despite weighing at 100 g or containing 98 kcal.
  • Vegetarian baked beans (according to nutrition calculators), on the other hand, have no Vitamin C whatsoever. 
  • Bush’s baked beans (a common brand) also contain 0 vitamin C according to their nutrition labels.

However, it’s very important to understand that the Vitamin C content of baked beans will change drastically depending on how you make the sauce. A tomato sauce will give you around 17.2 mg of Vitamin C per cup for around 70 calories. This is around 0.24 mg of Vitamin C per calorie.

Are Baked Beans a Good Source of Vitamin C? 

No, baked beans are typically not a good source of Vitamin C. Even if you cook baked beans with tomato sauce, you’re going to end up with a very poor Vitamin C to calorie ratio.

In order to up the Vitamin C content of your baked beans, consider eating them with:

  • Kale which contains 264 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories.
  • Bell peppers have over 450 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories.
  • Chili peppers as they contain over 350 mg of Vitamin C per 100 calories.