What Does Tofu Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re going to cover tofu.We’ll tell you everything you need to know about taste and texture, how to eat it, and how to make sensational vegan eats with it.

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What Does Tofu Taste Like? 

Have you ever heard that tofu tastes like nothing?There is some truth to this.Tofu is a bean curd—the result of shaping the curds of soy milk into solid blocks.

The only taste you can really detect might be one that reminds you of unsweetened soy milk, but tofu is generally considered an absorber of flavor.It picks up marinade flavors beautifully.

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Tofu Texture 

Tofu is available in a number of textures.Silken tofu is soft and a bit gelatinous, which makes it ideal for blending into sauces.Firm tofu is still soft and moist, but it’s more solid and has a grainy, slightly spongy texture rather than a smooth one.

Extra firm tofu is the densest and spongiest.A cool cooking hack is to freeze tofu and then let it thaw before stir-frying it, which will make it drier and super chewy.

Using a tofu press to get the water out before cooking can drastically change the texture as well, making it more dense.

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Is Tofu Good to Eat? 

Not only is it good to eat, tofu is a cornerstone of vegan and vegetarian diets.Full of protein, it’s a convenient energy source, and as it has no strong flavors, it’s a very adaptable and appealing protein.

It’ll commonly replace meat in a non-vegan dish as a step toward veganizing it.You’ll find tofu in vegan deli slices, fake bacon, tofurkey and mock chicken and beef in the frozen aisle at the grocery store.

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Can You Eat Tofu Raw? 

You can totally eat tofu raw.You might not be interested in taking a bite of plain, raw tofu from the package as it’s so bland, but you can cube it and throw it on top of a salad or add it to any recipe without worrying about cooking it through.

Eating tofu raw is not like eating soybeans raw (which is something you wouldnot want to do).Since it’s processed from soy milk, it can be considered precooked in a way, so it presents no problems or dangers.



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If you’re adding silken tofu in the recipe for protein, consider pressing it first to remove excess moisture. Some of our top picks for the best tofu press options can help you decide which one to buy.