What does Elderberry Syrup Taste Like?

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What Does Elderberry Syrup Taste Like

Natural remedies have been around for as long as people have. There weren’t always pharmacies to stop by whenever you’re sick, and so one of the remedies people turned to historically was elderberry syrup. To this day, some people use elderberry syrup and enjoy the syrup so much, they like eating it occasionally, too.

But is it worth trying? To help answer that question, we’ll tell you what elderberry syrup tastes like, describe some of its health benefits, and whether you should try making it at home.

What Does Elderberry Syrup Taste Like?

Elderberry plants are tricky. The berries are the sole edible part – the stems, leaves, roots, and even the seeds all metabolize into cyanide.

The syrup can only be made from berries themselves after cooking them for safety. Frankly, the berries aren’t sweet. Expect more of a musky, earthy taste from them…which is what your syrup will taste like if there isn’t a sweetener in it.

To reduce the earthiness of the syrup, many people use sweeteners. Whichever sweetener you use will impact the taste of the syrup heavily, but you may still want to use one to create a recipe that doesn’t taste medicinal.

What are the Benefits of Elderberry Syrup?

Elderberries are used as a natural remedy because of health benefits they’ve been identified as having. The berries are brimming with antioxidants and vitamins that may help with inflammation and heart health. 

Historically, elderberry syrup has been used to treat a huge number of ailments. Some of those conditions include constipation, fever, and headaches.

This doesn’t make elderberry syrup a replacement for modern-day medicine. Although you can supplement your diet with some occasionally, be sure to consult with a doctor if you have any concerning symptoms.

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Is Homemade Elerberry Syrup Better?

When it comes to food, homemade is often better than what you can get from the store. Is this true for elderberry syrup, as well?

There are many who argue that homemade elderberry syrup can be more potent because you have the ability to put more elderberries into it. You don’t have as much control over commercial elderberry syrups, and they can get pretty expensive. Nonetheless, if you’d like to try some commercial elderberry syrup, you can consider this [amazon fields="B084RPDX5G" value="link" title="Peak Performance elderberry syrup."]

Don’t forget that most parts of the elderberry plant are poisonous, however. If you choose to prepare your own homemade recipe instead of buying some, please make sure you prepare it properly for your safety. You can find a vegan elderberry syrup recipe here.

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Wrap Up

Elderberry syrup has been a natural remedy for centuries. With a little bit of sweetener, it can be a surprisingly delicious medicine that you won’t mind taking. Make sure you consult with a doctor before using it as a remedy, though, and to prepare it carefully if you choose to make it yourself.

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