What Does Einkorn Taste Like?

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What Does Einkorn Taste Like

If you’re on the lookout for a new way to bake, you may want to get yourself some einkorn. This ancient wheat is wonderful for all kinds of baked goods and breakfast foods, including bread and pancakes.

But what does einkorn taste like and what separates it from regular flour? We’ll explore the answers to that question and others here in this guide.

What Does Einkorn Taste Like?

One of the reasons einkorn makes such an excellent alternative to regular wheat is its taste. It tastes almost exactly like your average wheat, with the exception that it has a nutty undertone. You may even notice some hints of sweetness in it.

An aspect that sets it apart is texture. Unlike whole wheat flour, einkorn doesn’t feel quite as gritty.

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How is Einkorn Flour Different?

Now let’s look at what makes einkorn flour different from your standard flour at the grocery store. There are a few things that make it unique

First, some say that einkorn hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Because it hasn’t changed, it can supposedly be easier for humans, who evolve slowly with time, to digest.

Additionally, einkorn is more nutrient-rich than other types of wheat. You’ll get more protein, iron, antioxidants, and fiber in a slice of einkorn bread than alternatives.

Is Einkorn Wheat Better for You?

There are many reasons to consider using einkorn instead of commercial wheat. For one thing, it’s free of GMOs. Beyond that, as we me mentioned above, einkorn is filled with more nutrients than your standard loaf bread.

Our research does seem to indicate that einkorn is indeed better for you than regular wheat. Because of this, you should consider baking with it if you haven’t already.

Another popular flour is almond flour. You can learn more about it in our post regarding what almond flour tastes like.

Can I Substitute Einkorn Flour for Regular Flour?

Yes, you can substitute einkorn flour for regular flour. However, you’ll need to switch up your baking ratios a bit, since einkorn has a different protein construction from other types of flour.

Einkorn flour can be substituted on a cup for cup basis with whole wheat flour, for example. But if you do so, you’ll need to decrease the amount of liquid you use in the recipe by as much as 20%. 

The reason for this is that einkorn doesn’t absorb liquid as quickly as other flour types. Keep this in mind and stop yourself from dumping in more einkorn if your dough seems wetter than it should be at first.

Is Einkorn Inflammatory?

It’s natural to have health-related questions regarding allegedly healthy foods. Some people have asked if einkorn has inflammatory properties.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, there is evidence to show that einkorn is anti-inflammatory. On top of all the other benefits einkorn offers you, you can also enjoy the possibility of it being anti-inflammatory!

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Wrap Up

If you’re feeling adventurous about your baking, why not try baking with einkorn flour? There are plenty of reasons to try it out: it’s healthy, tasty, and easy to digest. You may even find it easy on your stomach if you have a gluten sensitivity. Here is an einkorn bread recipe if you need some guidance.