What Does Dopiaza Taste Like?

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What Does Dopiaza Taste Like

When you say the word “curry,” you may not know you’re being quite vague. There are tons of curry types out there, and each one tastes unique.

Dopiaza is one such example of a curry. Just in case you’ve never tried it before, we’ll tell you what dopiaza tastes like in this post.

What Does Dopiaza Taste Like?

Traditionally, dopiaza has a large number of onions which are added at two separate parts in the preparation. It also usually has meat in it, which is typically chicken, beef, or lamb. It’s possible to prepare vegan dopiaza, though, with ingredients such as squash and chickpeas. 

Like with many other curries, the flavor is anything but one-dimensional. Dopiaza is a semi-spicy curry that won’t leave your nose running if you have a decent tolerance to heat. However, the heat is contrasted with a pleasantly sweet flavor.

You’ll also taste some tanginess from the abundance of onions and the traditional inclusion of sour ingredients like lemon juice.

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What is in a Dopiaza?

There’s a funny legend behind the creation of dopiaza. This legend has it that the dish was created for an emperor when the emperor’s courtier accidentally put too many onions in the food.

So it’s not exactly surprising that one of the main ingredients in dopiaza is onion. Aside from onion, you’ll typically find raw mango, lemon juice, ginger, garlic paste, and spices with heat such as cloves and black cardamom.

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What Curry is Similar to Dopiaza?

The star ingredient in dopiaza is onion. If you’re looking for a curry that’s similar to dopiaza, then a good place to start is by looking for curry that also uses plenty of onion.

Some jalfrezi dishes meet that requirement. However, jalfrezi is actually a way of cooking, so each jalfrezi dish can vary widely in terms of flavor and spice level.

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What is the Tastiest Indian Curry?

Are you new to curry and want to try the best curry first? Unfortunately, that’s a tough target to pin down – there are tons of curries out there that vary drastically based on which country and region they’re from. Indian curry in general is quite diverse, so picking just one is difficult.

Some of the most popular curry types include tikka masala, chana masala, korma, dopiaza, and jalfrezi. One of our personal favorites is aloo gobi, which is made from potatoes and cauliflower. Any of those would be an excellent starting point and can easily be turned into veg-friendly recipes.

Wrap Up

If you’re just trying curry for the first time, dopiaza could be an excellent pick. Its onion-packed flavor makes it a hit with the whole dinner table. If you’re worried about making it vegan, keep in mind that there are plenty of vegan variations of the dish out there. When you’re finished eating your dopiaza, consider following it up with some dhana dal as a breath freshener!