What Does Dhana Dal Taste Like?

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What Does Dhana Dal Taste Like

More likely than not, you know coriander as a spice that you can add to an array of dishes. But there are additional uses for coriander that you may not be aware of, including as a snack called dhana dal.

In the event you’ve never encountered dhana dal, we’ll describe what it tastes like for you. Additionally, we’ll cover other common questions that you may have about this beloved Indian treat.

What Does Dhana Dal Taste Like?

Let’s start by explaining what dhana dal is. Dhana dal is basically just roasted coriander seeds that are sprinkled with a little salt. They have a breath-freshening quality that makes them a perfect alternative to mints.

Pop one in your mouth and you’ll experience a similarly refreshing flavor. Dhana dal is both sweet and a bit tart, thanks to its light citrusy tones. The salt adds some bite that balances the zest of the lemony notes.

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Is Dhala Dal Good for Your Health?

Roasted coriander seeds are more than simply snack-worthy – they’re healthy, too.

Some benefits include aiding your digestive system, lowering cholesterol, and possessing vitamins like c and k. All these benefits mean you can feel good about nibbling on dhana dal.

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What is Dhana Dal Made Of?

Dhana dal comes from coriander seeds. Rather than grinding them into a spice, you simply roast them like sunflower or pumpkin seeds and then sprinkle them with salt.

To get more specific, dhana dal is made out of the center of a coriander seed. After the hard shell is removed, the cores are then roasted.

What is Dhana Dal Used For?

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant that gave you breath mints after your meal? Dhana dal is used similarly, with many people providing it to guests after eating.

You can also eat it on its own as an occasional snack.

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Wrap Up

The next time you feel as if your breath could use some freshening, consider reaching for some roasted coriander seeds. Their taste is much more complex than the singular sweetness of most breath mints and will leave you feeling refreshed.