What Does Delaware Punch Taste Like?

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What Does Delaware Punch Taste Like

Try this exercise: name as many types of soft drinks as you can. We’d bet that Delaware punch wasn’t on your list of soft drinks, right?

That’s because, aside from a few scattered locations in the United States and Central America, it’s difficult to find Delaware punch. Because of this, you might not have had the opportunity to try it.

Wondering what it might taste like? We’ll provide you details on its flavor and discuss more about it here.

What Does Delaware Punch Taste Like?

Despite its name, Delaware punch isn’t necessarily made in Delaware. It’s named after the Delaware grape, a type of grape that the flavor is based on. 

Like the grape, Delaware punch is exceedingly sweet. You’ll definitely pick up traces of that fake grape flavor that you encounter in soda pops and candy. However, it also contains a mixture of fruit flavors that aren’t as easily identified and lead to it tasting just generally fruity.

Although it’s considered a soft drink, don’t expect it to be fizzy or caffeinated. It’s actually caffeine-free and uncarbonated, making it feel more like drinking a super sweet juice than soda.

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Where is Delaware Punch Made?

As we mentioned above, Delaware punch isn’t necessarily made in Delaware, and the name comes from a type of grape instead. So where exactly is Delaware punch manufactured?

Frankly, the information on where it’s manufactured isn’t easy to find. You can buy the soft drink in stores in a handful of southern states in the US, including Texas and Louisiana.

There’s a glass bottle version of the drink that’s also sold in Mexico and Guatemala, but which cannot be obtained in the United States. Other than that information, however, we can’t say anything beyond that it appears to be produced at least in the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Coca-Cola owns the brand nowadays, but that doesn’t tell you very much. Coca-Cola buildings are spread all over the world.

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Is Delaware Punch Banned?

Cursory searching for Delaware punch online might lead you to think it’s banned. The truth is a bit more complicated than that.

Only a particular kind of Delaware punch was banned in the United States. That would be the type that’s made in glass bottles, which was banned because of a dye called allura red used in its making.

We also found evidence that Coca-Cola plans to stop producing Delaware Punch entirely. It’s possible, then, that you won’t be able to get the sweet soft drink anywhere going forward. 

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Wrap Up

It’s a little sad to watch the products we know and love get retired. There will undoubtedly be many people who remember Delaware punch fondly and miss the way it tastes. If you happen to come across some, make sure you grab it before it’s gone for good.