What Does Darjeeling Tea Taste Like?

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What Does Darjeeling Taste Like

Are you a tea lover in search of new teas to brew at home? You might be interested in Darjeeling tea, then, but how can you be sure it’s worth your time?

To help you decide, we’ve written this guide to what Darjeeling tea tastes like. You’ll also find the answers to questions about what sets it apart and how to drink it in this guide.

Let’s take a closer look…

What Does Darjeeling Tea Taste Like?

Darjeeling is one classy tea! Its flavor is nothing short of well-rounded and sophisticated.

Each sip of Darjeeling tea will reward you with wine-like fruity flavors that are brightened with hints of citrus. You may also notice traces of earthiness and muskiness in the flavor.

The total effect is one of subtle balance. If you’re tired of flat, one-note teas, this is a great one to make next.

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What is So Special About Darjeeling Tea?

If you’ve heard people raving about what is often called the “champagne of teas,” then you’re probably wondering what exactly makes Darjeeling tea special.

Darjeeling teas are beloved for their deeply complex flavors. Just like with fine wines, these flavors can vary drastically based on the region the tea was cultivated in.

There are many who will argue that Darjeeling tea is the best in the world. Its numerous loyal drinkers are another aspect that sets this tea apart from many others.

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Do You Drink Darjeeling Tea with Milk?

Some people may find the taste of Darjeeling tea to be too astringent. In that case, you can of course mix in your favorite non-dairy milk to soften the flavor.

However, many dedicated Darjeeling experts would consider this awful and recommend you drink the tea straight. On the other hand, there are also plenty of people who mix in milk with their tea and stand by their creations.

At the end of the day, it’s just like coffee – you can take it any way you like. It’s more important that you like the way it tastes.

What is the Best Brand of Darjeeling Tea?

Can’t decide which brand of Darjeeling tea to make first? We’ve done some searching to help make your decision a little easier.

One of the best-reviewed Darjeeling teas we found that’s also easy to acquire is this [amazon fields="B000F4F95M" value="link" title="Twinings of London Darjeeling Tea."] It is well-loved by customers who stand by its smooth and sophisticated taste. 

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Wrap Up

Like coffee, there are so many types of tea out there for adventurous tea lovers to try. If you haven’t had any already, Darjeeling should be on your tea bucket list. They don’t call it the champagne of teas without good reason – expect each sip to be swirling with intricate flavors you’ll remember long after you’ve drained the cup.