What Does Cream Soda Taste Like?

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What Does Cream Soda Taste Like

Do you have a sweet tooth and want a beverage to scratch your sugary cravings? Cream soda could be perfect for you.

But is it worth trying out? We’ll help you decide by describing what cream soda tastes like, as well as discussing how it holds up with other popular sodas.

Let’s jump right in…

What Does Cream Soda Taste Like?

Unsurprisingly, cream soda is extremely sweet. If you’re drinking a popular brand from the United States, such as Mug or A&W, you’ll notice that it tastes like vanilla. In other words, it’s sugary with caramel notes.

It’s important to mention here that, as the name implies, not all cream soda is vegan-friendly. If you’re ordering cream soda at a restaurant, for instance, there’s a chance they’ll use vanilla ice cream in it.

The good news is that many of the most popular brands, such as Mug, Barqs, IBC, and A&W are indeed vegan straight out of the can or bottle.

You can dive deeper into the topic of vegan sodas in our article on if soda is vegan.

Does Cream Soda Taste Like Root Beer?

Root beer and cream soda often get compared. Is this because they taste alike?

Not really. The taste of root beer is markedly more complex than that of cream soda. While its flavor varies widely from brand to brand, expect something with a medley of floral and herbal hints underscored by the sweetness of vanilla.

In comparison, the taste of cream soda is a bit more one-note. It’s mostly just sweet and bubbly.

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What Flavor is Cream Soda?

So what flavor can you describe cream soda as? It’s easy to describe in a single word the flavors of many types of sodas and candies, after all.

Here’s the answer: cream soda’s flavor is essentially vanilla. Its flavor is based on worldwide ice cream soda recipes. 

What is the Best Cream Soda?

If you stop in your closest grocery store and check out the soda aisle, you’ll probably see that there are quite a few cream soda brands to choose from. No one could blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed!

Because you likely don’t want to go home with a dozen different brands, which one should you start with? Well, recipes will vary slightly from brand to brand. It’s a matter of personal preference which one is really best.

However, in our research, we found that on a few different sites Virgil’s Cream Soda was consistently rated near the top. Consider grabbing yourself a few bottles if you’re not sure what to try first.

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Wrap Up

Cream soda is the perfect soda pop to sip on if you’re looking for something both refreshing and tantalizingly sweet. Just be careful that it doesn’t have actual vanilla ice cream in it if you choose to order some while you’re dining out. In general, however, most cream soda brands you’ll find at your grocery store are vegan.

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