What Does Ceylon Tea Taste Like?

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What Does Ceylon Tea Taste Like

Are you a tea drinker? If so, then you’ll know that there are hundreds of tea varieties out there to try, and you likely haven’t tried all of them.

One such tea variety is Ceylon tea. In the event you’ve never had it before, we’ll discuss what Ceylon tea tastes like, its caffeine content, and the benefits of drinking it.

What Does Ceylon Tea Taste Like?

Ceylon tea comes from the country of Sri Lanka, which used to be called Ceylon. Narrowing the taste down to a single description is difficult, because the flavor of the tea can vary dramatically based on which part of Sri Lanka it came from.

In general, however, Ceylon teas are usually described as intensely flavorful with bright citrusy tones contrasted by low, chocolatey tones. Some also observe a spicy profile in the tea that almost warms you as you sip it. In short, Ceylon teas are deeply sophisticated with a well-rounded taste.  

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Is Ceylon Tea the Same as English Breakfast?

Ceylon tea and English Breakfast aren’t the exact same thing, but they’re related. English Breakfast tea is usually a blend of various potent teas, including teas that come from Ceylon.

In comparison, Ceylon tea is tea specific to a particular region – namely, Sri Lanka. So English Breakfast can have Ceylon tea in it, but Ceylon tea can also be its own separate tea.

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What is Ceylon Tea Good For?

The obvious answer is that Ceylon tea is good for drinking. What else would be good for?

Joking aside, there are health benefits to drinking this piquant tea. Ceylon tea has been linked to boosting your metabolism, reducing blood pressure, aiding your immune system, and even reducing your blood sugar levels.

In other words, you can usually feel good about savoring a cup of Ceylon tea.

Is Ceylon Tea High in Caffeine?

A single serving of Ceylon tea can have up to 60 milligrams of caffeine. The specific type of Ceylon tea you’re having can impact the amount of caffeine it has.

Your average cup of coffee can have 96 milligrams of caffeine in an eight-ounce mug. Drinking Ceylon tea won’t have the same caffeinated impact, then, that a cup of coffee has.

Concerned about the negative effects of caffeine, whether it’s headaches or anxiety? Fortunately, the Mayo Clinic says that up to 400 milligrams a day is safe for adults, so that means you can have several cups of Ceylon tea daily if you want.

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Wrap Up

There’s so much tea to try, and so little time! If you’re looking for your next tea sensation, Ceylon tea is definitely worth your consideration. Try it iced or hot – it’s tasty either way.

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