What Does Celeriac Mash Taste Like?

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What Does Celeriac Mash Taste Like

Are you looking for a new side dish without being limited to mashed potatoes? What if we told you could make a mash out of celery root, also known as celeriac?

Well, you can! We’ll even tell you what celeriac mash tastes like, so you can decide if you want to feature this fluffy, tasty food as a side at your next big dinner.

What Does Celeriac Mash Taste Like?

Celeriac, as it turns out, is an excellent substitute for your mashed potatoes. It naturally has a starchy taste that’s comparable to potatoes with the addition of an astringent taste like celery.

Alone, its flavor isn’t very strong, so your celeriac mash will be enhanced by the addition of spices and mix-ins. Salt and pepper are classics, which will give your mash the bite of salt and the spicy kick of pepper to round out its flavor.

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What Can I Replace Celeriac With?

If you want to imitate the taste of celeriac, but don’t have any on hand, there are options you can try instead. Given how it tastes similar to celery stalks, you can use pieces of celery.

Another option is to mix a bit of celery seed in with some chopped carrots or turnips. You could also use potatoes if you wanted to make something like mashed celeriac.

On the other hand, if all you want is to impart the taste of celery on your food, celery seed could be a great choice. You can read more about it in our guide about what celery seed tastes like.

Is Celeriac Similar to Potatoes?

Celeriac does, indeed, have a starchy taste that’s like potatoes. That’s why it’s a good pick if you’d like to throw a fun, new twist onto the holiday dinner side legend that is the potato.

You can even mash your celeriac to make a fluffy, mild dish that’s quite like mashed potatoes. Feel free to add traditional spices and toppings, including chives, salt, pepper, or even a bit of vegan butter.

Wrap Up

There are tons of ways to make just about any recipe you think of. Virtually any ingredient can be substituted with others. If you’re craving some smooth, creamy mashed potatoes, you don’t even necessarily need potatoes – you can make celeriac mash!

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