What Does Cauliflower Rice Taste Like?

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What Does Cauliflower Rice Taste Like

Are you looking for ways to enjoy your favorite foods on a keto diet? If so, you’ve probably heard of cauliflower rice before, which has far fewer carbs than traditional rice.

Never tasted it before? We’ll tell you what cauliflower rice tastes like, so you’ll know what to expect and if it’s something you’d like to make.

What Does Cauliflower Rice Taste Like?

More likely than not, you already know what plain rice tastes like: bland with just the faintest amount of sweetness. It’s a canvas that you can use to paint other flavors on with spice-laden dishes like stir fry and curry.

Don’t expect your cauliflower rice to taste exactly the same way. If you overcook it, you risk making something that tastes especially bitter and even sulphury. Should you cook it exactly right or buy store-bought cauliflower rice, though, it will taste a teensy bit nutty with a bitter aftertaste.

In other words, it tastes just like cauliflower. You can learn more about that in our guide to what cauliflower tastes like.

Is Cauliflower Rice Any Good?

Although they may not taste the same, cauliflower rice and regular rice have one thing in common: they are both excellent at absorbing flavors. We’d say cauliflower rice by itself isn’t exactly mind-blowingly tasty, but it works beautifully in other recipes.

Provided it’s cooked to perfection, your cauliflower rice should have a slight chewiness to it without becoming a shapeless mush. It will take in the flavors of the spices you mix with it. Try it yourself by throwing together this vegan cauliflower rice stir fry. (Bonus: it only takes 30 minutes to make!)

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Is Cauliflower Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Aside from being low in carbs, cauliflower rice can be an excellent weight loss tool. Sources show that it has a fraction of the total calories found in an equal serving of rice.

Furthermore, cauliflower rice is filling. After eating a healthy portion of it, you won’t find yourself looking for something to snack on too soon.

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Wrap Up

Eating healthy alternatives to our favorite foods can oftentimes be a disappointing experience. We’re often let down by how they miss the mark, making us crave the unhealthy options even more. The good news is that cauliflower rice is both healthy and flavor absorbent, which means you might not even miss traditional rice when you use it.