What Does Bourbon Taste Like?

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What Does Bourbon Taste Like

The good news about most hard liquor, including bourbon, is that it’s vegan. This means you can enjoy it in good conscience if you’re walking the vegan path.

However, it can be a bit nerve wracking to try new drinks. We’re here to help you decide if you want to give bourbon a try by describing what bourbon tastes like.

Let’s dive right in…

What Does Bourbon Taste Like?

The first thing we should start by saying is that bourbon, like other hard liquors, is an acquired taste. Those who haven’t adjusted to the potent taste of alcohol might be overwhelmed by its burn if they immediately jump into bourbon.

If you’re accustomed to the taste of alcohol already, you’ll have developed a palate that can pick out distinct flavorful notes in bourbon. And trust us when we say there are many of those!

Bourbon comes in a huge array of flavors. You can find bourbons that have powerful notes of sweet vanilla and caramel mixed with an oaky woodiness.

There are also spicy bourbons that have an intense heat to them. Expect them to burn like you’ve eaten a hot pepper.

Last but certainly not least, you may also find bourbon with fruity flavors. These types may have the bright zip of citrus with a perfume-like kiss of floral notes.

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What Does Bourbon Taste Like Compared to Whiskey?

It’s important to note here that bourbon is actually a type of whiskey. Whiskey becomes classified as bourbon when it meets a few requirements: it’s made in the United States, it’s distilled and stored below certain proofs, it’s aged for a minimum of two years, it contains no additives, and it’s made at least 51% of fermented corn mash.

When alcohol is aged, its flavors have time to mellow and smooth out. This is why bourbon is famous for having those sweet tastes like caramel and vanilla.

Whiskey has a much more diverse flavor depending on where it was produced. Japanese whiskey, for instance, can have a bright and citrusy taste. American whiskey tends to have spicy, woody notes with a powerful, burning alcohol sensation.

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What is the Smoothest Tasting Bourbon?

As a rule of thumb, the longer bourbon is aged, the smoother it gets. If you’re looking for smooth bourbon, then, you’ll want to look for bourbon that’s been aged longer than the minimum two years.

The drawback to this is that the longer it’s been aged, the more expensive your bourbon is likely to be. That being said, there are quite a few bourbon drinkers who agree that Angel’s Envy is some of the smoothest bourbon you’ll find. 

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Wrap Up

Bourbon is a drink that takes some getting used to. Give it time, however, and you’ll be able to pick subtle flavors out from its medley of taste like a sommelier sampling wine. Just make sure you look for bourbon that’s been aged for an extra-long time if you want the smoothest possible experience.