What Does Avocado Ice Cream Taste Like?

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What Does Avocado Ice Cream Taste Like

When you think of ice cream, what are some of the first flavors that come to mind? We’d be willing to bet your first thoughts are of classics like vanilla or chocolate.

But did you know there’s vegan avocado ice cream? There certainly is, and we’ll tell you all about what avocado ice cream tastes like here.

Let’s jump right into it…

What Does Avocado Ice Cream Taste Like?

At first, avocado ice cream might seem a little off-putting. You don’t really expect your desserts to be the same shade as pea soup, right?

But if you were to mentally set the pea soup comparison aside and try a spoonful, you’d be surprised at the flavor. Imagine a cold, creamy, sweet avocado.

It tastes just like the fruit distilled into a dessert form. You’ll get the deeply and intensely sweet taste of vanilla with the creamy, earthy profile of avocado.

Of course, there are other flavors that can be mixed in that transform the taste of avocado ice cream. Chocolate flavors exist that result in an intensely indulgent chocolatey taste, for example. There’s even a lemon flavor that turns the icy dessert into something refreshingly citrusy.

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Where Do They Sell Avocado Ice Cream?

If you think the concept of avocado ice cream sounds irresistible, the next step is figuring out where to get a hold of some. You have a couple options.

The first is buying Cado brand avocado ice cream, which is non-dairy ice cream that’s made from avocado puree. It’s also sold in a couple different flavors.

You might be able to find Cado ice cream in a few national store chains, like the following:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • Publix

Can’t find any local stores that carry avocado ice cream? No need to worry – you can easily make it yourself with recipes like this easy vegan avocado ice cream. 

Is Cado Ice Cream Healthy?

Once you taste Cado ice cream, it’s hard not to want to eat an entire pint in a single sitting. That’s the dark temptation of many desserts.

The problem is, eating large amounts of anything isn’t necessarily a good idea. Although avocado ice cream is healthier than many alternatives, it still isn’t exactly a superfood. 

Our conclusion? Stick to the suggested serving size if you get your hands on some Cado ice cream. Not only will this mean your pints will last longer, but you’ll stay healthier in the process.

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Who Owns Cado Ice Cream?

Cado Ice Cream was created by a single family, the Dowd family, in Iowa in 2015. We couldn’t find any evidence that the brand has been bought out or sold to anyone else since its founding.

Wrap Up

Avocado is an unstoppable juggernaut. You’ll see it being used in a breathtaking array of foods ranging the whole gamut from sweet to savory. In fact, you can even make chocolate mousse from it!

It doesn’t surprise us that someone discovered it makes a pretty tasty ice cream ingredient, too. If you have the opportunity to try some, we highly recommend it.

In the meantime, why not learn what else you can do to totally transform your avocado? You can take your avocado from basic to bursting with flavor using these spices that go with avocados.