Aquafina Taste: Does Aquafina Taste Weird or Different?

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Aquafina Taste

Have you ever grabbed a bottle of water, hoping for a refreshing drink, and discovered that it tasted odd? If so, you’re not alone.

There are numerous people who insist that different brands of bottled water have their own tastes. We’ll be diving beneath the surface today and looking at the taste of Aquafina, a bottled water brand. Stay tuned for our answer on whether it tastes weird, and if so, why waters taste different.

Does Aquafina Taste Weird or Different?

If you were to get water from your own tap at home and compare it to a bottle of Aquafina, you would probably notice a difference in taste. We’re inclined to agree that it does taste different. How you define that taste depends on your palate, though.

Many people think Aquafina tastes bad, noting chemical undertones in the flavor. Others, however, feel that it tastes purer than their own tap water and prefer its taste as a result.

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Why Does Aquafina Taste Different?

Let’s look at what makes Aquafina taste different. You’re probably wondering why it has its own unique flavor if it’s just bottled water.

The reason Aquafina tastes different from its competitors and your tap water is the purification process it undergoes. Unlike some other brands, Aquafina doesn’t use spring water.

Instead, all of Aquafina’s water is sourced from public utilities, just like your tapwater. The difference is that it is then purified through a complex process, including several different types of filtration. 

This process is designed to remove contaminants and other things from the water that can impact flavor. Some examples of things that are filtered out include salt and chloride.

Do Waters Taste Different?

Most people would probably say water tastes like water and leave it at that. Those with discerning palates would disagree, with large groups of people saying different types of water have their own tastes.

It’s true that the flavor of water can vary, and that’s largely due to where the water comes from and what sort of purification it goes through. Chances are, you’ve been somewhere and noticed that the water tasted or even potentially smelled different – especially with well water, which can have an abundance of minerals in it naturally.

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Wrap Up

Water isn’t the boring beverage that some make it out to be. If you take time to observe the flavors in each sip, you may notice variations in the taste. This is just a natural part of waters that come from around the world and undergo various filtration and purification processes.

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