6 Best Strainers for Juicing to Buy

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Best Strainers for Juicing

Are you looking for the best strainer for juicing? You’ve come to the right place.

This guide will look at different types of juice strainers, what to consider when buying a strainer, and give you our top strainer picks. We will also attempt to answer some of people’s most commonly asked questions about straining juice.

Quick Summary

Here’s a quick summary of our top picks and why we selected them:

Product Name Why We Picked It

Ellie’s Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag

Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag - XL12

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  • Great size for large batches of juices.
  • BPA Free, Food Grade Certified
  • Easy to squeeze excess juice

Yummy Kitchenware Fine Mesh Strainer

9" Kitchen Fine Mesh Strainer with Sturdy Handle and Wider Hook - Perfect for Quinoa

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  • Great for large juicing jobs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double layer mesh

US Kitchen Supply over the Sink Stainless Steel Strainer

U.S. Kitchen Supply - Premium Quality Over The Sink Stainless Steel Oval Colander with Fine Mesh 6 Quart Strainer Basket & Expandable Rubber Grip Handles - Strain, Drain, Rinse Fruits, Vegetables

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  • Huge capacity
  • Adjustable handles for the sink
  • Versatile for wet and dry ingredients

Types of Juice Strainer Options

You have many options available when it comes to juice strainers. The three most popular are nut milk bags, fine mesh strainers, and over sink strainers. You can even use a piece of cheese cloth or coffee filters in a pinch for the job.

Each juice strainer has its pros and cons and can be used for tasks other than straining juices.

Which is the best option? That will depend on your personal needs and taste.

Below is a short description of each type of juice strainer to help you decide which type would best suit your needs.

Nut Milk Bags

squeezing nut milk

A Nut milk bag is a coarse woven cloth bag specially designed for keeping chunks of nuts and pulp out of finished nut milk when making it at home. They also make an excellent juice strainer and can be used to make cold brew coffee or separate juice from fruits when making jellies.

Nut milk bags can generally be thrown in your washing machine, making them easy to care for. They can be found made out of polyester, cotton, or hemp. This gives you the option of using an earth-friendly juice strainer bag or going for maximum durability.

Fine Mesh Strainer

fine mesh strainer

Most people already have a fine mesh strainer in their kitchen. These are very versatile tools that can be used for sieving flour, making smooth purees, or straining broths. Most are made of durable stainless steel mesh and are dishwasher safe making them easy to care for.

Fine mesh strainers also work well as a juice strainer. They can be found in a number of different sizes and mesh fineness allowing you to process as much or little juice as you like and giving you control over the amount of pulp that remains in your juice. A Chinois strainer also falls in this category.

Over Sink Strainers

You could think of over sink strainers as the big brother of a fine mesh strainer. Designed to allow hands free draining, they commonly come in two types.

Some have handles that allow them to bridge over and sink and others have legs.

They are ideal for straining large batches of fresh juice and can serve double duty washing rice, draining boiled vegetables and pasta, or as a dish strainer.

There are some plastics over sink strainers on the market but these have a very coarse pattern and may not be suitable as a juice strainer. Food grade stainless steel fine mesh strainers are a better option for straining juices.

Over sink strainers come in a number of different mesh allowing you to remove all the pulp for the smoothest juice possible or mashing the pulp through the holes for an extra velvety texture. They are usually dishwasher safe, making them easy to care for and fairly strong allowing you to strain as much juice as you like.

Things to Consider

The options available when looking for a juice strainer can be dizzying. To help you narrow your options and find the best juice strainer to fit your needs, we offer these few considerations you might want to think about before purchasing juice strainers.


Juice strainers come in many different materials. You should decide on what style and size will be the best juice strainer for you and then decide what material best fits your lifestyle.

Nut Milk Bags

hemp bag

If you are primarily looking at nut milk bags, then you have three common options available nylon mesh, cotton, and hemp. Hemp is the most environmentally friendly, cotton is the most traditional, and nylon is the strongest and, in most cases, will give you the longest service life.

If you choose to go with a synthetic material, fine Italian nylon mesh is the preferred material. Made from Nylon 6, it is chemical, and heat resistant, doesn’t stain easily, and holds its shape well.

Cotton, in many cases, can be found with the finest weave and is best for pulp free juice. It can be prone to staining but is easily cared for and economical to buy.

Hemp bags are earth friendly and carbon neutral. They are generally more durable than cotton but less than nylon. Hemp juice bags are a favorite with natural food lovers.

Over Sink Strainers & Fine Mesh Strainer

There is really only one material that should be considered when looking at a fine mesh strainer or an over the sink strainer, food grade durable stainless steel mesh. Stainless steel strainers are mold free, dishwasher safe, and very durable.

The one possible exception to this is a high end chinois strainer. The best of these strainers will not have mesh but precision drilled holes instead. Nothing surpasses these for strength, but they are very pricey.


When buying a juice strainer, as with buying anything, the more you are willing to spend, the more options will be available to you. Nut milk bags are the most economical to buy, but stainless steel strainers will likely last you a lifetime.

Only you can know your budget and determine what the best juice strainers might be for you.


chinois strainer

A food grade nylon filter bag will give you the longest service life than other types of juice bags, followed by hemp and then cotton. Regardless of the material, you should make sure the bag is stretched with triple seams for durability.

For other types of juice strainers, there is really only one choice, food grade stainless steel. Top of the chart as a durable material is the plate stainless used to make the best chinois strainer. After that is, of course, comes stainless steel mesh.


How much juice you make at a time is a major consideration when shopping for a juice strainer. If you are only making juice for yourself with breakfast, a small fine mesh strainer will probably meet your needs. If you are among the real juice lovers and make juice by the picture, then you will be better served by a juice bag or over sink strainer.

Texture Preferences

Some people want pulp free juice, others like a creamy texture, and some enjoy more pulp. If you want pulp free performance in a strainer, then an extra fine mesh will be the order of the day or a finely woven bag.

Other Uses

sifting flour

Most any juice strainer has multiple uses. They are very versatile kitchen tools. Mesh strainers with loser mesh patterns will function as a normal sieve for sifting flour. Bags are obviously good for making nut milk, and chinois strainers, with their deep conical shape, excel at draining hot oil.

There is really no limit to the possible uses you can put strainers to, and only you know your needs.

Best Strainer for Juicing

Ellie’s Best Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag
Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag - XL12

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This nut milk bag is a top choice because of its size, durability, and quality construction. It is made from BPA free, food grade certified, fine Italian nylon mesh, with triple stitched seams to provide years of service and make it easy to squeeze excess juice that others might leave behind.

Larger than most bags, Ellie’s Best Pro has a wider opening to help avoid messy pouring accidents and can strain large amounts of juice at a time, making it more convenient for processing large batches.


  • Will hold up to daily use
  • Won’t absorb food residue, mold, or mildew
  • Delivers velvety smooth juices


  • Not suitable for small batches
  • Must be hand washed and air dried
  • Boiling liquids can shorten their life

Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Mini Cocktail Strainer

Fine Mesh Sieve Strainer Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer Food Strainers Tea Strainer Coffee Strainer with Long Handle for Double Straining Utensil 3.3 inch by Homestia

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For people who enjoy fresh juice one serving at a time, this little jewel of a stainless steel mesh strainer is ideal. Just the right size for straining a single glass or cup, it has an extremely fine mesh that will deliver smooth pulp free juice.


  • A convenient size for single servings
  • Has ultra fine mesh to trap small particles
  • Won’t take up much room in your kitchen drawer
  • Good for detail work like dusting pastries
  • Nonslip handle


  • Small size limits other uses
  • Can be difficult to press thicker foods through
  • Mesh can be difficult to get completely clean

Yummy Kitchenware 9″ Kitchen Fine Mesh Strainer

9" Kitchen Fine Mesh Strainer with Sturdy Handle and Wider Hook - Perfect for Quinoa

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You could think of this strainer as a compromise kitchen tool. It is large enough to handle large juicing jobs and small enough to be used over most bowls and saucepans.

Its mesh is coarse enough to use as a regular sieve but fine enough to deliver velvety smooth juice. Best of all, it was designed and constructed to satisfy serious home cooks.

The mesh is double layered, and the handles are riveted to deliver outstanding strength and not fold under heavy loads. For juice making operations, this is extreme overkill.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Industrial grade rivets
  • Wide hook for easy and safe handling
  • Double screens deliver a very creamy texture


  • Heavier than other strainers
  • Larger size can be difficult to store
  • Double mesh can trap food particles and be difficult to clean

U.S. Kitchen Supply Over the Sink 6 Qt. Stainless Steel Strainer

U.S. Kitchen Supply - Premium Quality Over The Sink Stainless Steel Oval Colander with Fine Mesh 6 Quart Strainer Basket & Expandable Rubber Grip Handles - Strain, Drain, Rinse Fruits, Vegetables

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This over the sink strainer from U.S. Kitchen Supply is ideal for commercial kitchens or people who enjoy entertaining large crowds. With a deep bowl and 6 quart capacity, this strainer will filter loads of juice without clogging.

Rubber grips and rounded corners make it easy to handle and snag free reducing the chances of accidents while adding to your comfort.


  • Huge capacity
  • Adjustable handles
  • Reinforced basket for heavy loads
  • Highly versatile for both wet and dry ingredients


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Some buyers have reported issues with the handle rail guide having sharp edges
  • Not as sturdy as models with fixed handles

Huppar 6 Pack 14″x14″ Nut Milk Bag

6 Pack 14"x14

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For the thrifty shopper, a nut milk bag that comes six for the price many companies ask for one is hard to pass up. Though they may be reasonably priced, they are still made of top quality tightly woven 100% unbleached cotton and built to last.

Their rounded bottom design makes it easy to apply maximum pressure while still maintaining total control over the stream coming out of this juice strainer.


  • Triple stitched seams
  • Six to the pack
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • A high-capacity juice strainer
  • Machine washable


  • There have been some reports of the drawstrings slipping
  • They stain easily

Cuisinart Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers

Cuisinart Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers

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With the Cuisinart name on them, you would expect this versatile set of juice strainers to be top quality, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. The stainless steel mesh is held securely with a welded wireframe and then clamped under a beauty ring to make them extra stiff and strong without adding to much weight.

You get three strainers different sized strainers (3-1/8″, 5-1/2″, 7-7/8″) at a very reasonable price, providing versatility without being overly expensive or needing to buy repeatedly, and the way they nest inside one another they are very easy to store. Why buy one juice strainer when you can have a set to cover all occasions.


  • Strong but light
  • Top quality at a reasonable price
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • The versatility of three different sizes


  • Mesh isn’t as fine as some other strainers
  • Food can become stuck under the beauty rings making them difficult to clean
  • Some customers have complained of damage during shipping

Common Questions

In this section, we will address some of the frequently asked questions we have found on the subject of using a juice strainer.

Is a Nut Milk Bag the Better Option?

pulpy juice

A nut milk bag is one of the best options for straining juice. Because they are squeezable, they make it possible for you to apply pressure and remove all the juices without the worry of excess pulp or particles being coming through and into your juice container.

This is much easier than trying to mash and stir techniques that can be necessary with mesh strainers.

That being said, it is largely a matter of taste and depends on the juice you want to strain and how it has been processed. For many juices, any juice strainer will work just as well, and if you like a little pulp in your juice could actually be a drawback.

What can I use to strain juice?

straining juice

There are many options for straining juice. You can use a piece of cheese cloth, a disposable coffee filter like those used for ground coffee, or you can use one of the strainers or bags we have listed here. In a pinch, any tightly woven cloth can work as a juice strainer.

The best option will depend on how much juice you want to filter, what type of juice you are working with, and how often you want to have juice. For small batches or single servings of juice, you might be best served with a fine mesh strainer. If you’re making punch or running a business that needs gallons of juice, then an over sink strainer might be best. For family sized servings, a large nut milk bag might be best suited.

All of these are questions you must answer for yourself.

Can you use a strainer for celery juice?

celery smoothie

You not only can use a strainer for celery juice but you should. According to Healthline, the better your celery juice is filtered, the more nutrient rich it will be. The pulp from celery is primarily made of insoluble dietary fiber.

For filtering celery juice, run your celery through a food processor or blender, then squeeze it in a juice strainer bag made of finely woven nylon material.

The left-over fiber and pulp can be used to make veggie burgers or fritters, Pulp-Sicles, or to make broth.

Should you strain after juicing?

kale smoothie

Whether you should use a juice strainer after juicing depends on several factors. What are you juicing, and how you like your juice are the two most common concerns.

If you are making green smoothies with ingredients like kale, they can be quite gritty and difficult to drink. Then it is best to use a juice strainer to make them go down easier. That is unless you are one of those who enjoy the filling nature of these drinks.

If you are juicing berries or succulent fruits, then it is just a matter of taste and nutrition. Many fruits like grapes, as an example, carry much of their beneficial nutrients in their skins. These are best left unstrained.