Are Strawberries a Stone Fruit? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Strawberries a Stone Fruit (EXPLAINED)

Strawberries are grown all around the world, eaten raw, as a dessert topping on cakes and ice cream, and as an ingredient in other various dishes.

They are easy to grow, produce for years, and are widely available at grocery stores and farmers’ markets if you prefer to buy them rather than grow them.

But, let’s get to the real question: are strawberries considered a stone fruit?

Quick Answer: No, strawberries are not considered stone fruit. They are fleshy fruits with thin skin, and contain multiple seeds per berry, but lack a stone.

Are Strawberry Stones Freestone or Clingstone?

Strawberry seeds are too small, too many, and too edible to be considered stones. Further, the fruit has no central pit that needs removing. That said, strawberry seeds are easy enough to remove if you wish to, but involves drying or otherwise smooshing up the rest of the berry in order to get them.

Similar Stone Fruits

  • Plums are a stone fruit somewhat similar to strawberries in the fact that they can be eaten fresh or dried, and are rather sweet.
  • Prunes are the dried version of the above-mentioned stone fruit, plums.
  • Apricots are another stone fruit that is similar to strawberries in regards to sweetness and that they are almost as widely used as an ingredient as strawberries are.