Are Raspberries a Stone Fruit? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Raspberries a Stone Fruit (EXPLAINED)

Raspberries are one of the most preferred “berries” in the world. They are similar to blackberries in texture, but are much smoother, and have a sweet but mellow taste compared to blackberries and cherries (which are often as tart as they are sweet). 

But, the real question is, are raspberries considered a stone fruit?”

Quick Answer: Yes, raspberries are considered stone fruit. They look like berries, and are sold as berries, but, really, they aren’t berries at all, they are clusters of miniature stone fruits.

Are Raspberry Stones Freestone or Clingstone?

Raspberry stones are freestone without a doubt. Once you pull the “berry” from the stem, the stone is usually left clinging to the plant. In your hand is a berry with a hole in it where the stone was. 

For a freestone fruit stone, there are few stones that come out easier than raspberry stones. Most of the time, you can pick an entire basket of raspberries without pulling a stone away from the stem.

Similar Stone Fruits

  • Cherry is one of the most similar stone fruits to raspberry, in color, and the fact that they are both among the most sought after red “berries” and aren’t really berries at all.
  • Blackberry is extremely similar to raspberry; their bushes are almost identical, they are both considered berries but are actually stone fruit with freestones inside.