Are Apples a Stone Fruit? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Apples a Stone Fruit (EXPLAINED)

Apples are one of the most favored and iconic edible fruits. They are grown all around the world. Originating from Asia, there are now over 7,500 types of Apples cultivated globally.

Apples part of a healthy diet, as they say; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. They are eaten during American holidays as well, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Aside from consuming Apples raw, people also use apples for making cider or for an ingredient in various dishes.

But, let’s get right into it. Are apples considered a stone fruit?

Quick Answer: No, Apple is not considered a stone fruit. Apple is a pome (or fleshy fruit) with seeds that are technically edible. 

Are Apple Stones Freestone or Clingstone?

Apples are considered a fruit, as they have thin skin and lots of fleshy interior. They don’t, however, have a stone-sized seed to remove. That means they are neither freestone nor clingstone. 

The seeds in apples do come out easily, though. If they were larger, they would be considered freestone for sure.

Similar Stone Fruits

  • Peach peaches are often compared to being the opposite of an apple, but the truth is as different as they are, they are quite similar as well.
  • Avacado isn’t similar to apple in taste, or texture, but it does share a similar size and shape, but it has a large freestone in its center.
  • Apricot is another similar stone fruit to apple, in that it has a similar size and shape to smaller apple species, it is much softer than apples though.