Fruits like Tangerines (9 Fruits That Look and Taste Similar)

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Fruits Like Tangerines

If you’re a citrus fan, you probably love sweet, orange-like fruits. Are you looking for other fruits like tangerines to try out? Well, read on to find 9 amazing new varieties to enjoy !

1. Clementines

Clementines are at their ripest between October and February, which is why most of us see boxes of them in supermarkets around Christmastime. In fact, they’re often known as “Christmas Oranges” for this exact reason.

They’re sweeter than tangerines, and are both easy to peel, and seedless. These traits make them especially loved by children, as they’re quick, healthy snacks without any risk of choking on seeds within.

2. Mandarins

These little oranges are also super easy to peel, and almost as sweet as clementines. They’re not seedless, but as far as fruits like tangerines go, they taste about as close to that fruit as you can get.

Although they’re called “mandarin” oranges, they actually originated in parts of India. They got their common name because of how popular they are in China. In the USA, however, most are grown in Alabama, Texas, and California.

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3. Kinnows

If you’re looking for an incredibly sweet, juicy, tangerine-like citrus fruit, try to get your hands on some kinnows. This might be difficult for you unless you live in Asia or the Middle East, however. Kinnows only grow in Pakistan, so they’re usually only available within easy shipping range there.

4. Navel Oranges

These aren’t the sweetest oranges around, but they share tangerines’ sharpness. They’re also more readily available than many others on this list. You’re likely to find them at just about any grocery store you go into.

Just look for the oranges that look like they have a belly button, and you’ll know that you’ve found them.

5. Tangelos

Since tangelos are crosses between tangerines and pomelos, you should definitely add them to your list to try out. Although they’re larger than clementines or mandarins (because of their pomelo DNA), they share tangerines’ sweetness.

Look for them in Asian or gourmet grocery stores, usually near the grapefruits.

6. Hyunanatsus

These Japanese fruits are relative newcomers to the citrus family. They originated in Japan’s Miyazaki region, and have been cultivated as hybrids since the early to mid 1800s.

They’re easy to peel, like tangerines, but their skins are yellow instead of orange. That said, their flesh is amazingly sweet and juicy. Next time you take a trip to Japan, try getting your hands on some of these for breakfast, or to squeeze into juice.

7. Kumquats

If you hate to peel citrus fruits, you’re in luck. Kumquats’ skins are so thin that you can bite right through them, thus eliminating the need for all that pesky peeling.

Just keep in mind that the skins are quite bitter. If you enjoy citrus fruits like tangerines because of their sweetness, then you might want to halve your kumquats and just eat the flesh, rather than ruining the sweetness with the skins’ bitterness.

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8. Calamondins

These juicy hybrids are part mandarin orange, part kumquat, and all flavor town. They’re almost as sweet as tangerines, with a similar easy-to-remove peel. That peel isn’t as thin as the kumquat’s, so you’ll need to take it off rather than biting into it.

Once you get the skin off, it offers a beautiful, sweet flavor that’s amazingly refreshing. Try it as an orange substitute in your favorite smoothie!

9. Kiyomis

These Japanese citrus fruits are related to both tangerines and mandarin oranges. They’re seedless (so much yay!) so you can hoover them by the dozen without hurting your teeth.

You may have difficulty finding them in North America, but ask your local Japanese grocer if they carry them. If you’re very lucky, they might be able to import some for you to try.

Don’t these citrus beauties sound incredible? Of course, chances are you’ve probably tried a couple of these fruits like tangerines before. Both clementines and navel oranges are often found at local grocery stores. For the others, you may need to check out some specialty Asian supermarkets around town. When in doubt, ask one of the staff members! Then take your treasures home and devour them to your heart’s content.