Fruits Like Peaches (9 Fruits that Look and Taste Similar)

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Fruits Like Peaches

Are you looking for a list of fruits that look and taste like peaches? You’ve come to the right place! In this post you’ll find 9 similar options that you’re going to love.

1. White Nectarines

While regular yellow nectarines have a unique flavor, white-fleshed nectarines taste very peachy. In fact, many people prefer them to peaches because they taste so similar, but don’t have that fuzzy skin that many find so off-putting. Look for fruits that have pinkish-white skin that isn’t bruised or dented. Then enjoy the pale, delicious flesh inside either raw, or in your favorite desserts.

In fact, if you have an outdoor space, try grilling them! Just oil the bbq grill ahead of time so they don’t stick. Then halve them, pit them, and grill cut-side down for a few minutes. Then serve with a big scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream.

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2. Apricots

If you don’t mind peaches’ fuzziness, then you’ll probably enjoy apricots. They have a slightly deeper flavor than peaches, but have a very similar sweetness and overall taste profile. These fruits are usually quite sweet, but can have a slight bitter aftertaste at times. That said, if you enjoy dried fruits, get yourself some dried apricots. They add a wonderful peachy flavor to oatmeal and trail mix, and are high in iron too!

3. Asian Pears

If you’ve never tasted an Asian pear before, please make that a priority. These crunchy, luscious fruits have very thin, smooth skin, and a flavor similar to a perfect peach at the height of summertime. Just note that these fruits bruise and break very easily. In fact, that’s why they’re packaged in foam armor at the grocery store.

Their skins are thin enough that you don’t have to peel them. You can just bite right through to enjoy the amazing flesh within.

4. Apriums

Have you heard of apriums before? They’re interesting hybrid crosses between apricots and plums, with most of their genetics coming from apricots. They have smooth skin (like plums), but taste like gloriously juicy, sweet peaches. See if you can find some at a local specialty store to try them out!

If you enjoy them, you can graft their branches onto any stone fruit rootstock and grow them at home! These trees can thrive in growing zones 6 and up.

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5. Lychees

These Asian stone fruits have incredibly juicy, sweet flesh. You just need to peel off their scaly, dragon scale-like skins in order to get to it. The white flesh within has a ripe peach-pear flavor that’s absolutely gorgeous. If you keep them in the fridge, they offer beautiful, refreshing flavor bursts on hot summer days.

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6. Longans

Longan fruits are cousins to lychees, and the word for their name actually means “dragon eye” in Cantonese (龍眼). They’re not quite as sweet as lychees, but have a similar bright, peachy flavor. Try them in a white sangria with Pinot Grigio, and some of the other peach-flavored fruits on this list.

7. Muscat Grapes

Many peach juices you’ll find at the grocery store are combined with white grape juice. This is because white grapes and peaches share a very similar flavor profile. Muscat grapes in particular have incredibly sweet peach notes, and are some of the most delicious grapes you’ll ever taste.

8. Passion Fruits

Although these fruits don’t look like anything peaches, they also have a similar flavor. These are the fruits from the passion flower vine, and have deep purple, potato-like skin. In fact, you’ll know they’re ripe when their skin looks like a crinkled paper bag. You’ll need to eat the flesh around the large seeds inside, and revel in the deep, rich peachy flavor it offers.

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9. Mangosteens

Just like passion fruits, mangosteens look absolutely nothing like peaches. They have thick, purple-brown skin and firm interior flesh… which just happens to taste like peaches and cream.

These fruits like peaches don’t necessarily look the same as our fuzzy favorites, but certainly offer similar flavor and texture profiles. Try them out to see how you like them, and then learn how to use them in different recipes.

While some of them—like passion fruits and nectarines—are amazing in smoothies, you may enjoy others juiced, frozen, or transformed into vegan ice cream. However you choose to prepare them, be sure to revel in their delicious, peachy glory whenever possible.