Do Green Lemons Ripen After Being Picked? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Green Lemons Ripen After Being Picked_

Green Lemon, scientifically known as Citrus limon, is a round fruit from Northeastern India and South Asia that is quite bitter. 

They are not to be confused with the regular lemons when they are still young and green. These green lemons are green when they are fully ripe.

The fruit is harder to grow than most citrus fruits, thus true green lemons aren’t often cultivated by home gardeners.

Below, we discuss whether or not green lemons ripen after being picked.

Do Green Lemons Ripen After Being Picked?

Most lemons do not continue ripening after they are picked, green lemons, however, do keep ripening after they’re picked. They may even sweeten up a teeny tiny little bit as they do so. That said, don’t expect them to ripen as quickly or fully as a banana after it’s picked.

How Do You Ripen a Green Lemon?

Green lemons ripen after being picked, but only by a little. For that reason, placing them on the kitchen counter, or even in the fridge, is the best course of action. At any rate, keep them out of the direct sunlight as it won’t help ripen the fruit but may cause it to spoil faster instead.

How to Tell if a Green Lemon is Ripe?

Green lemons that are ripe and ready for consumption are typically glossy and green. They feel firm in your hand but give a bit when they are squeezed. If they are hard, they need more time to ripen. Likewise, if the green lemon is squishy when you touch it, it is beyond ripe and is spoiling.

What Color Are Unripe Green Lemons?

Practically every citrus fruit is green when it is unripe, green lemons are certainly no exception. As green lemons ripen, they do not lose their green color. Instead, they take on a fuller and glossier version of it.

What Can I Use Green Lemons For?

Green lemons are useful for seasonings and as ingredients in juice, mixed drinks, and certain dishes (like fish). They are often served raw on the side of a dish if not used in the recipe for the meal. Green lemon zest is especially popular as a spice.