Do Blackberries Ripen After Being Picked? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Blackberries Ripen After Being Picked

Blackberries are small fruits that belong to plants of the Rubus genus and Rosaceae family. Hybrid blackberries may belong to subgenera Idaeobatus as well as subgenus of Rubus.

These little berries are perfectly black when ripe and are very sweet. Berries picked slightly early are still sweet, but also tart.

Blackberries are eaten raw, dried, and used as fresh ingredients in various dishes (mainly desert foods).

Below, we discuss whether or not blackberries continue to ripen after being picked.

Do Blackberries Ripen After Being Picked?

Blackberries are one of many similar fruits which do not continue to ripen after they are picked. They need to be precisely ripe when picked or they will not continue to ripen. The blackberries that you find in stores are mainly hybrids, bred for lasting longer when ripe.

How Do You Ripen a Blackberry?

It is important to pick blackberries only once they are ripe and ready for consumption. If you pick red or purple blackberries you will be stuck with them, they will not turn black, soften, or ever become edible. That said, berries that are on the cusp of being ripe, that are already picked, may ripen a bit if added to a paper bag with a banana for a day or two.

How to Tell if a Blackberry is Ripe?

Ripe blackberries are dull black in color, extra plump, and feel soft to the touch. They may feel as if they are ready to fall apart. If they are mushy though, they are overripe. Likewise, if the berry is even slightly hard it isn’t ripe yet. Also, ripe berries come off of the vine with ease.

Do blackberries get sweeter after being picked?

For the most part, blackberries are as sweet as they ever will be when they are picked. That’s because they don’t really ripen off of the vine. Berries may soften, ever so slightly, once picked, but will not become any sweeter.

How long does it take red blackberries to ripen?

On average, blackberries take around one to one and a half months to ripen (30 to 45 days) once they show up on the vine as white or red berries.