Do Apricots Ripen After Being Picked? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Apricots Ripen After Being Picked

Apricots are a tasty fruit that most people either love or hate. 

They can be eaten fresh or dried and are used as ingredients in countless dishes (mainly desert foods).

Read on below, where we discuss whether or not apricots ripen after they’re picked.

Do Apricots Ripen After Being Picked?

Apricots, like many fruits, do indeed continue ripening after they are picked. Their softness and sweet smell are clues that they are ripe. Make sure that you store your apricots at room temperature or they could spoil.

How Do You Ripen an Apricot?

Ripening apricots after they’ve been picked is simple, simply sit it on the counter or store it somewhere that’s room temperature. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight. 

To help the ripening process, you can place apricots in a brown paper bag and store it somewhere out of the way for a few days. If the apricots aren’t close to being ripe, consider adding some apples or a banana to the paper bag.

 However, keep an eye on the apricots, and turn them daily, or some spots may become spoiled inside the bag.

How to Tell if an Apricot is Ripe?

Apricots plump up and become firm with just a bit of softness to their exterior when they’re ripe. If apricots are still hard (like apples), they aren’t ripe yet. That said, squishy apricots are a sign of fruit that’s beyond ripe (meaning, spoiled fruit). 

All things considered, the unquestionable apricot aroma will be present if the fruit is truly ripe. If the aroma isn’t strong, it isn’t ripe. Likewise, if the smell is too sour, it may be spoiled fruit.

How Long Do Apricots Take to Ripen?

For the most part, apricots take around 21 days to ripen. That means you need to keep an eye on your apricot tree when the fruit is growing, picking only what is ripe and ready. If you wait to harvest all your apricots at one time, you’ll be sorry (and find that half your fruit is spoiled).

How to Tell if an Apricot Are Bad or Spoiled?

Apricots are relatively easy to tell if they are spoiled, or otherwise “bad”. Dark spots appear on the outside of bad apricots, accompanied by a slight ooze with a sour odor. They also become soft, to the point of being mushy or even liquifying.