Do Apples Ripen After Being Picked? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Apples Ripen After Being Picked

Apples are perhaps the most iconic of all fruits, after all, it dates back all the way to Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden.

Apples are eaten raw, dried, and used as ingredients in everything from meat dishes to pieces, cookies, and jam. They are also made into juice, cider, and alcohol as well.

Below, we discuss whether or not apples continue to ripen after being picked.

Do Apples Ripen After Being Picked?

Apples are indeed a fruit that continues to ripen after being picked. That said, ripening does not affect the taste of the fruit. Rather, it affects the texture of the apple (they soften as they ripen). Apples may ripen well just sitting on the kitchen counter.

How Do You Ripen an Apple?

If you wish to soften your apples up, you can always seal them up in a brown paper bag and set them to the side somewhere that’s room temperature. Throw a banana in and the ethylene will help speed the ripening process even more.

How to Tell if an Apple is Ripe?

The primary method of identifying ripe apples is color. If they have lost their green or yellow color and are mainly red (or yellow, or green, depending on the species), they are likely ripe. However, sometimes the skin color of apples may be misleading. For that reason, you may want to split one on open and check for the seeds. If they aren’t dark brown yet, the apple is not fully mature. 

How Long Do Apples Take to Ripen?

Apples are a fickle fruit, some years taking longer than others to ripen, other years ripening quicker. That said, the apples around the outer edges of the trees (which receives the most sun, and rain, usually ripen first). 

Once apples first appear on the tree, it will be quite a few weeks until they are ripe. When you start harvesting, continue to do so for at least two weeks (picking only ripe apples each day).

Are Green Apples Ripe?

Green apples are not ripe, unless it is a specific sort of apple that is supposed to be green when fully mature and ripe (such as Granny Smith apples). All other apples are unripe and far from ready for picking or eating if they are still green.

How Long Do Apples Stay Ripe?

Depending on where you are holding them, apples may stay ripe and edible for up to almost two months. In the pantry, or on the counter, apples last for up to 3 weeks before they start turning. In the fridge, you gain around two weeks. In the freezer, you may hold apples up to eight-month before they will start to freezer burn.