6 Best Mini Fridge for Semi Trucks

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Six Best Mini Fridge for Semi Trucks

Finding a dependable, sturdy, and good fridge that does a great job of keeping drinks cold for long-haul truck drivers can be a tough challenge. There are several options out there in the market, and a lot of them can be of subpar quality.

To ensure you find the perfect mini refrigerator for your semi-truck, we’re taking you through some of the best options you can find in the market today. These are the best mini fridges for semi-trucks and have performed well in the harshest conditions. Read on, and you’ll hopefully find the best mini fridge for semi-trucks!

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Why We Picked It
The Cooluli Blue Liter Mini Fridge Perfect for people who don’t want to move the mini-fridge around after placing it since its heavy
AstroAI Thermoelectric Cooler Suitable for people who don’t want drinks that are too cold
ICECO Truck Fridge Perfect for people who don’t have a portable mini-fridge
Whynter FM Mini Fridge Ideal for people who don’t have a budget constraint
Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler Suitable for people who want a portable mini-fridge
NORCOLD Semi Truck Refrigerator Perfect for people who are looking for a sturdy option

The Best Mini Fridges for a Semi Truck

The Cooluli Blue Liter Mini Fridge

Cooluli 20L Mini Fridge For Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room - Glass Front & Digital Temperature Control - 12v Small Refrigerator for Food, Drinks, Skin Care, Beauty & Breast Milk (Blue)

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This is a mini-fridge with a compact size and is sleek and portable. It weighs 13 pounds and has dimensions of 11.25 x 13.75 x 16.25. It’s a fridge freezer with a 20-liter tempered glass, making it the perfect mini refrigerator for semi-trucks. Since it has a digital thermostat, you can easily change its temperature, which can vary between 40° to 149°.

You can store food, skincare, wine, drinks, insulin, beauty products, beer, and just about anything that you can comfortably fit inside of it. It has a molded carry handle on both sides, making it easy to carry wherever you want to go. Its portable refrigerator with a quiet brushless motor gives it efficient operation. From the point of purchase, it will come with a manufacturing warranty that will last for a year.

The Pros

  • It has two removable wire baskets
  • It’s compact, portable, and sleek
  • It has a sleek, portable, and compact design
  • It has ample storage capacity
  • It works with a DC cord and an AC cord

The Cons

  • This option is a tad bit heavier than others

AstroAI Thermoelectric Cooler

AstroAI Mini Fridge, 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer Refrigerators for Valentines Day Gifts, Skincare, Beverage, Food, Cosmetics, Home, Dorm, Office and Car, ETL Listed (White)

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If you’re looking for a portable and small mini fridge, this is the best refrigerator for you. It’s a budget-friendly option in which you can easily store around 6 cans. The inner dimensions of the mini-fridge are 5.5 x 5.3 x 8.07. It is suitable for drinks, skin care products, milk, and medication is easy to operate too. The removable shelves also make it possible for you to keep larger bottles inside the fridge.

You can use it for both cooling and warming. It can cool up to 18 degrees Celsius, and it can also warm up to 66 degrees Celsius. It has two plugs that you can use in a regular wall socket. It’s also noting that this mini fridge is almost silent since it produces a noise of only 25dB. It has a 3-year warranty from its manufacturing date, so you shouldn’t expect it to start having problems anytime soon.

The Pros

  • It has removable shelves
  • It is lightweight
  • It makes for easy cleaning since it has removable shelves
  • It has a COOL and WARM setting

The Cons

  • It won’t be able to cool things that have a higher temperature than the room’s temperature
  • We wouldn’t recommend this fridge for a long trip

ICECO Truck Fridge

ICECO VL45 Portable Refrigerator with SECOP Compressor, 45Liters Platinum Compact Refrigerator, DC 12/24V, AC 110-240V, 0℉ to 50℉, Home & Car Use (without Insulated Cover)

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This is a compact option from ICECO that is extremely compact and refined. You can carry it anywhere without any hassle, and it has a reliable Secop compressor that can give you chilled cans and beer bottles even in the hottest conditions. It has an ETL-certified compressor that will last for a long time without malfunctioning, and it also has a security system.

It will function the right way to save your truck’s battery from getting drained. Effective battery protection also makes the fridge immune from standard AC and DC issues. Meaning even if the AC power source fails, the power supply will switch to the DC power cord swiftly.

For a long time, ICECO has been a reliable brand in the industry, and it has provided its services to big players in the industry like Cadillac and Mercedes. Since it has two power cables, carrying it around is easy, and you’ll be able to do so without worrying about excess battery drainage.

The iron basket inside the fridge can be removed, and you can easily store 45 liters of cans which is a lot. It also comes with a 5-year warranty with the compressor, making it a product worthy of a purchase.

The Pros

  • It has a batter protection measure
  • It has a strong build quality
  • It’s full of several exciting features
  • It also has an ETL certification

The Cons

  • It may not be suitable with some semi-trucks
  • You’re not going to find any rollers under the mini-fridge

Whynter FM Mini Fridge

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator AC 110V/ DC 12V True Freezer for Car, Home, Camping, RV-8°F to 50°F, One Size, Gray

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This freezer from Whynter FM has a sleek design, and it has several amazing features that make it the ideal option for camping and fishing-related purposes. It has a substantial 60-can capacity that makes it perfect for traveling, too. Whether you’re looking for a refrigerator or a freezer, it will function well in both departments.

It also has two removable wire baskets that you can easily extract to make more room. The voltage power is spread out evenly across the truck fridge, and both AC and DC work well in both situations. It also has a fast freeze feature, which will increase efficiency even in the most challenging conditions, and it also consumes less wattage even with extensive use.

It has an ETL certification which makes it reliable, and it is easily compatible with most semi-trucks. It’s a good option for traveling, and it is also lightweight so you can carry it anyplace without a lot of hassle. The compressor installed inside of it can easily cool cans and fruits.

The Pros

  • It is incredibly versatile
  • Since it’s lightweight, you can keep it anywhere
  • It has an ETL certification
  • It has ample storage capacity

The Cons

  • It doesn’t look too aesthetically pleasing
  • It is slightly pricey compared to the other options on this list

Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler

Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler, Silver

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The Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler looks classy because of its stylistic choices, and for a cooler that’s relatively compact it has stunning features that make it stand out. It is capable of cooling on a temperature as low as -36 degrees, and it can leave your food frozen even when the mini-fridge has been turned off.

It can easily store 26 quarts of contents, which is decent for a mini-fridge. This quality makes this fridge perfect for picnics, trips, semi-trucks, and offices. Even though it is priced slightly higher for a compact cooler, the company has worked hard to adjust well to different conditions. You won’t see its compressor’s efficiency taking a hit regardless of the temperature conditions.

Even when the system is powered off, it’ll keep the contents of the fridge cold even when it’s not consuming any energy. All in all, it’s a fantastic product that you should consider buying because of its several features.

The Pros

  • It is extremely versatile
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing look
  • It doesn’t consume a lot of energy
  • Carrying it around is easy

The Cons

  • It won’t perform too well when it’s too hot
  • It’s slightly expensive

NORCOLD Semi Truck Refrigerator

NORCOLD INC 1.1 cu. ft. Portable Refrigerator/Freezer for RV, Trucks, Boats, Camping - NRF30, Gray (NRF-30)

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This fridge is an excellent option for your semi-truck at a budget-friendly price. The best part is that you can also use it while you’re camping in a car, a boat, or even in an RV. It has an LED temperature display that you can use to set up the temperature according to your requirements, ensuring your fridge’s items stay cold for a long time.

The fridge’s exterior is made from plastic with rust-resistant qualities, and because of its small size, you can store it just about anywhere. If you find it hard to store it in a spot, you can also remove its stainless steel side handles. It also has a hinged lid that you can remove, which is also reversible. The fridge door can store approximately 86 12-ounce cans, which is a lot of storage.

The Pros

  • It has a low voltage protection
  • It has an electric control panel for temperature control which ensures you get a chilled bottle every time you open the fridge
  • It has rust-resistant qualities
  • It’s efficient with energy consumption

The Cons

  • You’ll have to purchase slides, a wall adapter, and insulated covers separately

Why Do You Need a Mini Fridge?

Be it a man cave, a hotel, a college dorm, or even a semi-truck, mini-fridges can fit into almost every environment. Having a small refrigeration unit cooling your drinks and snacks on the side while you work or spend time with your friends can be convenient.

For truck drivers particularly, a semi-truck refrigerator can let them control their dietary habits and their budget. But to understand how mini-refrigerators can make life easy for truck drivers, we first need to understand how they work. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when you’re buying a mini-refrigerator for your semi-truck.

Electric Coolers vs. Mini Fridges

mini fridge compartment

Yes. They’re different. A mini-fridge is precisely what the name suggests; it’s a cooling compartment that works the way it does because of a compressor. It’s a lot like the food fridge in your kitchen. Since semi-truck refrigerators are smaller, they can fit into a small space.

However, when you’re buying an electric cooler for your semi-truck, you’re going to come across two kinds of options:

  1. Absorption coolers
  2. Thermoelectric coolers

An absorption cooler can run off AC, DC, or propane. Some absorption coolers can run on all three options. On the other hand, electric mini-refrigerators can use a lot of electricity. This is an essential consideration one must make while buying a semi-truck refrigerator.

A cheap mini fridge can tax the electrical system reasonably quickly. They also can’t maintain a consistent temperature range since they don’t have an insulated lid. On the other hand, a thermoelectric cooler can keep the contents inside of it cold or warm. That said, you’re not going to have much control over the temperature range.

That is partially because these coolers rely mostly on ambient temperature control, and they’re going to warm or cool the air from there.

However, several mini-fridges are hands down the best options for semi-trucks, RVs, and other vehicles. Some options use approximately a tenth of the electricity from coolers, and they have an adjustable temperature range.

How Much Voltage Will You Need for Mini Fridge in a Semi-Truck?

vehicle dc power

The answer to this question depends mainly on the primary power supply source. Some mini-refrigerators run on a DC power cord, while some run on AC. Others can work on either one, which will, of course give you added flexibility.

However, you’re most likely going to operate your fridge on an AC power source. Regardless of the size of the mini-fridge you select, it’s doubtful that it will pull more than 75 watts from the inverter.

The realistic range is 55 to 65 watts on an intermittent draw. The compressor in the fridge will only run when the temperature inside goes above the setting.

It’s simple math: watts / volts = amps. If you did the math, you’re going to look at an amp draw of 1.7 for a 65-watt mini-refrigerator. That’s not going to put a heavy load on your inverter. Compare that to 6.5 amps from a 7oo-watt microwave!

Any 24 or 12-volt DC system with a decent inverter should be good enough to run your mini-refrigerator without any problem. However, remember to check the power a fridge can draw when you’re shopping for a mini-fridge. Ensure that it doesn’t pull too much power from your system when it’s added in a setup with other mini appliances.

What Size Will You Need?

mini fridge with cans

One of the biggest regrets that truck drivers can have after buying portable refrigerators is realizing that they should’ve opted for a bigger fridge. Try to avoid that regret. You’re going to need a fridge that is big enough to hold all of the food items and drinks you need for a trip, but one that’s not too big that takes up excessive room in your semi-truck. It’s a balancing act that few people pay attention to.

The capacity and size of mini-fridges are measured in cubic feet or quarts. The exterior, on the other hand, is measured in inches. The best size for a trucker will lie within the 25 to the 35-quart range. A 30-quart mini fridge can easily hold approximately 28 12-ounce cans. 30 quarts or one cubic foot is the starting size.

If you want to opt for a smaller option to save space in your truck, you’ll have to choose a compact refrigerator. But if you want the mini-fridge to store more stuff, you’ll have to look at bigger options.

Do Mini Fridges Keep Stuff Cold?

freezer with ice cream

Some can. Some won’t. Just like we mentioned above, some mini-fridges are trash. Usually, you can look at the capacity of a truck fridge and know the amount of food items it can hold. Moreover, you can also look at the draw rating and know how much stress the mini-fridge will put on your truck’s electrical system.

However, there is no specification or any reading that indicates how cold it will keep the fridge’s contents. There is a defined temperature range, and you can trust well-established manufacturers in the industry on this factor alone.

This is also where articles like these are crucial. They tell you what the people who have used these semi-truck refrigerators think about their purchases. We spent an obscene amount of time going through all kinds of trucker forums and online reviews to create this list of the best semi-truck refrigerators. If you don’t go with our picks, take your time studying other Google options.

The best mini fridges will keep your drinks cold, but that depends mainly on your preferences. A mini-fridge with a freezer compartment will also keep your frozen foods below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, which most people prefer their ice creams.


semi truck interior

If you have a semi-truck and are thinking of purchasing truck fridges, the options we’ve listed in this article are more than enough to get the job done. Regardless of your requirements, these options will fare well in almost every condition, but the slight differences between them make them options for different sets of buyers.

However, before you start shopping, have a good idea of your budget and the space you have inside your semi-truck. Once you have these details down, start looking for your dream fridge!

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Can you use a mini-fridge in a semi-truck?

Mini fridges are compact machines that can be fit into tight places. They can be used to keep objects cold regardless of the space they’re in. However, before you consider purchasing one, make sure your truck has the space for one. You can consider purchasing a mini-fridge for all kinds of uses if it does.

What size mini fridge fits in Freightliner Cascadia?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the space you have inside the truck. Mini fridges have different dimensions, so this question can’t have a standard answer.

What size mini fridge will fit in a Kenworth t680?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the space you have inside the truck. Mini fridges have different dimensions, so this question can’t have a standard answer.