Are Mini Fridges Safe in Bedrooms (ANSWERED)

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Are Mini Fridges Safe in Bedrooms

There are plenty of reasons why a person might want to add a mini fridge into their bedroom. Mini fridges are a perfect solution for storing late night snacks so you can have a nice cool drink without walking to the kitchen, or in a dorm room to store snacks easier. They’re also super useful in other capacities, such as storing skin care, or even different kinds of medicine.

No matter the reason why you want a mini fridge in your bedroom, it’s important to make sure that you have one that is safe. Let’s explore the different things to keep in mind about whether or not a mini fridge would make a safe addition to your bedroom.

Are Mini Fridges Safe in Bedrooms?

In general, yes, a mini fridge is safe for your bedroom!

Of course, there are some considerations to keep in mind for them to be as safe as possible. An electrical mini fridge in your bedroom is generally safe, as long as you are storing it on top of a hard surface, and have given it equate room for proper air circulation around the unit.

Mini Fridge Safety Considerations

While a mini fridge is generally safe, there are a few safety considerations one should keep in mind. These include:

Warmer Air Temperature

mini fridge on desk

Like full size refrigerators, a mini fridge will expel hot air as it works to maintain a cool internal temperature. This means that your unit will expel a small amount of hot air as it works.

While this isn’t the most dangerous thing, the extra heat can lead to a slight uptick in bedroom temperature, depending on how hard your mini fridge is working.

Loud Noise Generated

You should also keep in mind that mini fridges are electrical appliances, and as a result, generate noise while they work. This unwanted noise is usually the sound of a refrigerator’s compressor, which is similar in sound to a small motor.

Most modern refrigerators, including mini fridges, are designed for quiet/silent operation, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue. However, if you are a super light sleeper or struggle with intrusive noise, this could be a problem for you.

Freon Leak

While rare, you could potentially experience a freon leak while owning a mini fridge. Freon is a refrigerator gas/liquid gas that is used as a part of the process that keeps a refrigerator cool inside.

If there is damage to your mini fridge, specifically the coils, you could be exposed to toxic gasses like freon. Freon leaks are a form of gas poisoning that can be extremely unhealthy, and lead to something known as refrigerant poisoning.

Signs of a freon leak happening include a chemical smell, excessive liquid on the floor around the unit, and the sound of your fridge motor continually running.

Fridge Explosions

Refrigerator gas leaks could also, potentially, lead to fridge explosions. Again, this is very rare, but as an appliance that utilizes liquid gas for its operation, the threat of an explosion is always on the table.

Fire Hazard


A mini fridge could also pose a potential fire hazard during its operation. As we touched on above, these units do expel a little bit of excess heat as they operate, and this heat can lead to potential issues. Also, like all electrical devices, your piece of technology could risk overheating and causing electrical fires.

To reduce the risk of a fire hazard, always keep good air circulation around your unit. It’s a good idea to make sure your mini fridge has a dedicated electrical outlet and isn’t being powered through an extension cord. You should also try to keep your unit free of debris, especially dust, and store it on a hard surface like tile rather than a flammable material like carpet.

Electromagnetic Radiation

A common concern for some people who want a mini fridge is the risk of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

Appliances like mini fridges emit small amounts of electromagnetic radiation. While radiation exposure is dangerous, the levels a mini fridge emits are extremely low and have very low toxicity, similar to other forms of naturally occurring radiation we are exposed to every day such as the sun’s UV rays.

Other Considerations for Keeping a Mini Fridge Inside a Bedroom

There are other things to keep in mind when it comes to the safety of having a fridge in a bedroom.

Bedroom Traffic


With a mini fridge in your bedroom, especially in a space like a dorm room, there’s a chance your space is going to become extremely popular.

While this isn’t a concern for most, a mini fridge in your room could lead to increased levels of traffic in and out of the bedroom. While some people might not mind this, for others this could be a privacy concern.

Energy Usage

You should also consider the amount of energy usage a mini fridge will take up. This is a small appliance that does need to run constantly in order to work effectively. It could potentially have an impact on your electric bill, depending on your exact model and its level of energy usage.

Child Endangerment

It’s important to be aware that mini fridges can pose a potential threat to small children, especially those that are toddler age.

One issue toddlers could encounter is entrapment, getting themselves stuck inside mini fridges. This might sound silly, but toddlers are small enough to fit inside some fridges. Mini fridges have super tight seals to keep cold air in, which also limits noise inside from being heard.

If kept up high, a mini fridge can also pose a potential fall hazard. It is common for some people to store mini fridges on desks or countertops, especially fridges being used for medicine or skincare. Be mindful of curious toddlers tugging on cords, as mini fridges are heavy enough to pose a big risk if they fall on someone.

Recommended Mini Fridges for Bedrooms

1. Best Overall: Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator, 1.6 Cubic Feet(0.045 Cubic Meter), Black

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This mini fridge is a great product overall and can be useful in a ton of different applications, from storing meds to keeping snacks nearby. This mini fridge features both a large interior fridge space and a small freezer section to store snacks/produce that needs even colder temperatures.

This is a stand alone mini fridge, with both interior and door storage space. It is available in both black and silver colorings. It is energy efficient, with an ultra-quiet compressor system. And, best of all, this fridge has a full-year warranty! If you want a mini fridge for your bedroom, this one is a great choice.


  • Interior storage and door storage
  • Adjustable legs and door
  • 1-year warranty


  • Freezer section is not good for ice
  • No interior light

2. Best for Skincare: COOSEON Portable Skin Care Fridge with LED Mirror

Mini Fridge 8 Liters, COOSEON Portable Beauty Skin Care Fridge with LED Mirror, Thermoelectric Cooler and Heater Compact Refrigerators, Suitable for Bedroom, Room, Car (White)

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If you want a mini fridge specifically for skincare storage, we can’t recommend this one enough! This adorable mini fridge is small enough for easy desk/shelf storage and has beneficial features that make it great for skin care.

We love that this fridge is equipped with an LED mirror on its front, so you can easily get products from inside and apply them. This fridge works with both cooling and heating modes, so you can change up what you store inside. It’s an energy saving device and is ultra quiet making it suitable for bedrooms.

We also love that this fridge has shelves that can be removed to store different size products. It even has a convenient carrying handle, if you ever want to take it on the go!


  • Built-in LED mirror
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Customizable shelves


  • Smaller in size than other mini fridges
  • Small amount of door storage

3. Best for Drinks: Ivation 62 Can Beverage Refrigerator

Ivation 62 Can Beverage Refrigerator | Freestanding Ultra Cool Mini Drink Fridge | Beer, Cocktails, Soda, Juice Cooler for Home & Office | Reversible Glass Door & Adjustable Shelving - Stainless Steel

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Those who want a bedroom fridge solely for drinks will love this model from Ivation! This fridge was designed with drink storage in mind, making it the perfect beverage fridge for any space.

This mini fridge can hold up to 62 cans and is also available in 101 can and 126 can size ranges. This is an energy efficient fridge and promises whisper quiet operation that makes it bedroom suitable.

It’s a sleek black design with a gorgeous glass door so you can easily view drinks stored inside. You can customize the shelving inside to place drinks to your preference depending on their size. It is fitted with an interior light for easy usage at night. It also has a reversible glass door, expanding where and how you can keep it in your space.


  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable door and shelves
  • Includes interior light


  • Temperature controls are simplified (no exact number settings)
  • Heavy in weight

Frequently Asked Questions

If you got questions, we got answers! Here are some of the more common questions people have regarding mini fridges in the bedroom.

How do I reduce mini fridge noise?

rubber mat

If your mini fridge is making excessive noise, there are a few things you can do to reduce it.

Some people’s mini fridges make noise because they’ve set the temperature colder than needed, and your fridge is fighting to keep up. Try reducing the temperature by 2-3 degrees and see if it helps to reduce noise.

Sometimes the motor in your mini fridge can cause slight vibrations. You can dampen this by checking your mini fridge to make sure it is level and even, or placing a foam mat under it to absorb movement.

How do you defrost a mini fridge?


Your mini fridge can either go through a manual defrost, or it may have a defrost setting built in. It’s a good idea to check your mini fridge’s user manual to see what they recommend.

If you want to just go for a manual defrost, though, follow the following steps:

  1. Empty your mini fridge.
  2. Unplug your mini fridge, and prop the door open.
  3. Place towels under and inside the mini fridge.
  4. Allow ice buildup in your mini fridge to melt completely.
  5. Once melted, wipe the entire interior of your mini fridge dry and give it a clean.
  6. Once clean and dry, plug your fridge in, close the door, and allow it to reach its cool temperature.
  7. Once cool, put your food back in and you’re done.

Can I use an extension cord to power a mini fridge?

You should always make sure a mini fridge, or any refrigerator, has a dedicated electrical outlet. This is an appliance that uses a lot of power. A direct power source will reduce the risk of overheating problems and blowouts that can happen when using an extension cord.

What should I store in my mini fridge?

You can use a mini fridge to store all kinds of things, from food to medicine to drinks to skin care! Here are the most common things people put in mini fridges:

  • Booze, including canned beer, wine, ciders, or mixed drinks
  • Pop and juices, in cans or bottles
  • Vegetable snacks, such as celery or carrots, paired with dips
  • Chocolate bars and other candies
  • Bottles of water
  • Fresh fruit, such as berries, grapes, or cut-up melon
  • Yogurt cups or pudding cups