Does Pineapple Have Quercetin? (EXPLAINED)

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Does pineapple have quercetin?

Pineapples are the third most popular tropical fruit in the world. Prized for its unique, sweet, tangy flavor, people use pineapple in many desserts, savory dishes, and of course, Pina Coladas. While pineapples are definitely a healthy treat, our question is, does pineapple have quercetin?

Quick Answer: Yes – Pineapple does contain some quercetin. Compared to other similar foods, its quercetin content is very low.

Quercetin Content of Pineapple

Pineapples contain 0.14mg/100g and are rich in manganese (44% Daily Value, DV) and vitamin C (58% DV).

Is Pineapple High in Quercetin?

Compared to other foods, pineapple is low in quercetin.

Let’s take a look at how it compares to 5 similar foods.

  • Star apples provide almost twice the quercetin of pineapples with 0.26mg/100g. 
  • Mangoes contain even less quercetin than pineapples, with none of the flavonols
  • Raspberries are much higher in quercetin than pineapple, offering 1.10mg/100g.
  • Pineapple has less than 1/3rd the quercetin of grapefruit, which contains a concentration of 0.50mg/100g.
  • Red grapes, with 1.04mg/100g of quercetin far exceed pineapple. 


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