Does Oatmeal Have Quercetin? (EXPLAINED)

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Does Oatmeal Have Quercetin?

Oatmeal is an American breakfast classic, and paired with a glass of orange juice does wonders for protecting your heart and fueling your day, but what we want to know is, does oatmeal have quercetin? 

Quick Answer: No- Oatmeal does not contain quercetin. Compared to other similar foods, it lacks quercetin.

Quercetin Content of Oatmeal

Oatmeal has no quercetin content. 

Is Oatmeal High in Quercetin?

Compared to other foods, oatmeal is without quercetin.

Let’s take a look at how it compares to 5 similar foods.

  • Cream of wheat also contains no quercetin.
  • Buckwheat groat offers 7.09mg/100g of quercetin, outpacing most other cereals and grains.
  • White rice also offers no quercetin content.
  • Sorghum grains provide no quercetin.
  • Corn grits are quercetin-free. 


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