Does a Banana Have Quercetin? (EXPLAINED)

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Does a banana have Quercetin?

Bananas help fight depression, boost energy, and are great brain food. Considering they are also delicious, it is little wonder they are an American favorite. People eat them to help lose weight or give them to their kids for a creamy snack. With all bananas have going for them, can they get much better? Does a banana have quercetin?

Quick Answer: No – A banana does not contain any quercetin. 

Quercetin Content of a Banana

A banana contains zero quercetin. 

Is a Banana High in Quercetin?

According to the USDA database, a banana contains no quercetin, but other sources indicate its content is very high. The difference is likely due to some labs, including the banana peel in their testing.  

Five fruits that do contain quercetin are:

  • Apples – 4.01mg per 100g
  • Red grapes – 1.04mg per 100g
  • Black diamond plums – 12.45mg per 100g
  • Figs – 5.47mg per 100g
  • Apricots – 1.63


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